Raven's Latest Ailment Has 'Big Brother 19' Fans Confused

Bill Inoshita/CBS

Poor Raven. She may have the most interesting and difficult life of any Big Brother 19 contestant, but no matter what she says it seems that no one will believe her. Her latest claim about her health has been questioned by nearly everyone involved in the show, and now the audience is trying to find out if Raven from Big Brother has "Rough Kneecap Syndrome."

The Sept. 3 episode isn't the first time that Raven's health has been a topic of conversation in the house. Raven has gastroparesis, and a clearly visible pacemaker to prove it, but she's also claimed to have a few other medical issues that fellow houseguests don't seem to believe. After she mentioned her latest ailment, the house and Big Brother fans are wondering if Rough Kneecap Syndrome is even real. What few seem to be considering, however, is that Rough Kneecap Syndrome could also just be the layman's term for a very real medical condition.

"Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome" is a medical term used to describe chronic pain in the kneecaps. WebMD explains that PPS "frequently occurs in teenagers, manual laborers, and athletes." It doesn't take a stretch of the imagination to determine that Raven, a dancer by trade, could easily have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. It's also easy to assume that no one would have known what she meant if she told them she had Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, so instead she used a much simple term. However, the house, the internet, and even Big Brother itself seem more interested in making a joke of her possibly syndrome than properly explaining it.

Raven's claims have caught the disdain of the internet before, but the show's editors seem to be joining in criticizing Raven as well. The show featured Diary Room segments with Paul and Jason refuting Raven's claims, and seemed to lead viewers into assuming that she's not telling the truth. Raven may be lying, or she may be telling her version of the truth but getting some of the details incorrect. She could also be telling the complete truth. "Rough Kneecap Syndrome" may sound silly and made-up, but perhaps Raven is owed some benefit of the doubt from those around her.