What Is Single's Awareness Day?

by Courteney Larocca

The only thing I ever get excited about when it comes to Valentine's Day is the candy that goes on sale once the holiday ends. I've always been single on February 14, so the only real enjoyment I've ever gotten out of it was from either anti-Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day celebrations But luckily for me — and everyone else that's single when V-Day rolls around — there's actually a day that was created to celebrate being single called Single's Awareness Day.

While some people prefer to celebrate Single's Awareness Day on Valentine's Day, it actually lands on February 15 (aka the day every store discounts chocolate). The purpose of the day is to celebrate not being in a relationship. Like Galentine's Day, this is a time where you can reflect on and celebrate all of the other great non-romantic relationships in your life, like the one you have with yourself.

While not being in a relationship on Valentine's Day can be a bummer, there's a ton of benefits to being single that shouldn't be overlooked, which is exactly what this day is trying to bring to light. And the best news about this holiday is there's no right way to celebrate it. You can spend the entire day pampering yourself with flowers and chocolates or plan a huge party with all of your friends. And with only one day separating Galentine's Day from Single's Awareness Day, you can easily turn this short month into one long party if you want to. Just like with being single, you get to call all the shots (or do all the shots, because hey, it's your life.)

Whether you love the freedom that comes with not being in a relationship, or you're feeling a bit down about being single on February 14, Single's Awareness Day has something for everyone that isn't currently in a relationship. You don't need a partner to have a good time – all you need is yourself, and maybe some half-priced Valentine's Day candy.