Target Is Having A Sale Each Weekend Until Christmas & Right Now, Dresses Are Only $20

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If you are seriously lagging on your holiday shopping and your budget is beyond tight, here's the solution to all of your problems. Target is bringing back its beloved Weekend Deals, which is a Saturday and Sunday sale series. The deals return just in time to help you finish your seasonal shopping, in case you planned on doing a Target run, or are long overdue for a Target haul. Because let's face it — who doesn't run into to Target to grab three things yet walks out with five bags full of stuff?

On Saturday, Dec. 15, Target is offering a whopping 30 percent off women's boots and apparel (generally sizes XS to XXL). The deal applies to purchases made in stores and online. You can also shop via the Target app. There are no coupons or discount codes required to receive the deals. The savings are automatically tabulated at checkout.

Target also promises that even more items will be marked down, including things that never, ever go on sale.

Could this be any easier? 'Tis the season for savings.

According to the press materials received by Bustle, twice as many Target guests shop on the weekends as opposed to weekdays. Therefore, the retail behemoth resurrected the Weekend Deals to best serve customers.

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The Weekend Deals are actually back throughout the holiday season. Details about each week's forthcoming Weekend Deals will be unveiled on Wednesdays on A Bullseye View. So check back often on Hump Day.

The Weekend Deals were originally launched last year and offered incredible discounts on items that guests are seeking out most during this time of year — you know, stuff like holiday gifts, home decor, and products for festive, family 'n' friend gatherings.

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This weekend, you can scoop up the cutest boots, booties, and clothing. There are some exclusions, though. Socks, underwear, bras, sleepwear, swim, jewelry, accessories, handbags, and Fan Central are not eligible for this Saturday's 30 percent markdown.

Here are some key items to shop — for yourself or your secret Santa.

1. Sneaker Boots

2. Glossy Boots

3. Knee Highs

4. Ankle Booties

5. Hoodie Tunic

6. Cropped Hoodie

7. Party Dress

8. Slip Dress

9. Skinnies

That's just a sampling of what's on sale as part of Target's Weekend Deal, which offers an incredibly satisfying 30 percent off select women's shoes and clothes. There are hundreds of other options to choose from.

You can build a new wardrobe for yourself, refresh your closet, or check a lot of people off your holiday shopping list, thanks to this sale.

The Target Weekend Deals are the greatest thing to happen to your life and your wallet this holiday season.

Happy shopping. Here's a bonus tip, which you can take or leave. Don't spend too, too much on this weekend's Weekend Deal. There's another right around the corner and set for next weekend. So save some funds and do it all over again in a few days.