Tarte's Gleam Team Highlighter Is A True Do It All

If you are not multi-tasking in most aspects of life in 2017, you are doing something wrong. Most beauty obsessives really, really love a product that does more than one thing. Tarte's Gleam Team Highlighter duo is one of those products. Yes, it's true that beauty vloggers also love to employ a product in ways other than which it was intended, because #hacks. But sometimes, a two-in-one product is welcome because it does all the work for you... not to mention the fact that it's totable and travel-friendly. Less really is more!

You can still get creative with usage of these sorts of products, but you don't have to be inventive and that's totally OK. So, what, exactly is the Tarte Gleam Team Highlighter and what does it do?

Tarte Gleam Team Highlighter, $28, Tarte Cosmetics

Allow me to break it down and explain why it's worthy of incorporation into your daily routine.

The Gleam Team is all about glow, glow, glow. And in 2017, glow, glow, glow is a super hot beauty trend.

This two-in-one cream and liquid highlighter is designed for all skin tones. There is a liquid tube on one end and a stick on the other. You can dab, blend, and glow accordingly. It's also packed with moisturizing ingredients you know and love, like coconut, shea butter, and Vitamin E.

Tarte Gleam Team Highlighter, $28, Tarte Cosmetics

Are you biting your knuckles over the Gleam Team's awesomeness? I love that it's a pair that works in concert to do a few things, but doesn't take up too much space in your makeup bag. The product is now available via the Tarte site and will debit your bank account by $28.

Screw the guess work! Here's why the Gleam Team is so awesome. According to the product description on the Tarte site, the product melts into your skin, adding a veil of champagne-like glow. The creamy, twist-up highlighter on one end is pigmented and you can swipe, blend, and go. The liquid on the opposite end requires a little more effort — you apply it to highlight and strobe. However you use them, they work together to help you achieve your glow goals.

Images: Tarte/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Tarte (1)