Netflix Is Giving ‘Arrested Development’ Fans A Whole New Way To Watch A VERY Divisive Season

Michael Yarish/Netflix

When Arrested Development Season 4 premiered on Netflix in 2013, the return felt like nothing less than a miracle for fans of the beloved Fox sitcom. After six years off the air, the acclaimed comedy was back — but it looked a lot different. However, a brand new recut version could make this non-linear season much more accessible. Fans will get to see what Arrested Development Season 4 "The Remix" is all about when it premieres on Netflix on May 4, but an announcement from creator Mitchell Hurwitz has already provided some details about what to expect.

The original three-season Fox run of Arrested Development was structured, overall, like many other comedies. Each episode follows a few different plots with various combinations of characters, and by the end they usually all intersect in some way. However, Season 4 switches up the format, focusing on the story from one character's perspective at a time. This structural experimentation allowed for some clever gags, but it also proved challenging for those who weren't interested enough or able to keep track of various timelines. However, in an announcement written by Hurwitz and posted to the show's official Twitter, the creator revealed that he turned the 15-episode season into a new 22-episode season that's been recut to resemble the first three seasons of Arrested Development.

In his statement, Hurwitz explained that the original AD Season 4 was "akin to eating some toast, then some bacon, maybe a sliced tomato followed by some turkey and realizing, 'Hey, I think I just had a BLT.'" By comparison, the Season 4 "Remix," which has been subtitled Fateful Consequences, sounds more like being served 22 little bites of a fully assembled BLT. The original cut of the season will still be available for watching on Netflix too. So now viewers will be able to choose how they would like to consume their comedy sandwich.

Hurwitz goes on to explain that this new venture is "a comedic experiment to see if new jokes and a new perspective would emerge from a remix that features all the Bluths in every episode, and where the simultaneity of the story plays out chronologically." While the recut season could provide a more streamlined way to marathon the most recent season, the creator also believes that it will provide new laughs for fans who already watched it in its original form. "I’m really excited about the final result," he wrote. "It’s funny in a whole new way and I believe it creates a really entertaining and hilarious new experience for the ‘viewer’."

While a remixed version of the fourth season is exciting news in and of itself, that's not all the new content fans are getting. Season 5 of Arrested Development will be released soon, according to the statement. "Like real soon," per Hurwitz. "Like, if you knew when, you would not be wrong to be thinking 'Why are we all hearing about this now?'" So keep an eye and ear out for news on even more Bluth misadventures.

With a new season and a remix on the way, along with a cameo from a certain blue man in The Avengers: Infinity War to truly make it the most ambitious crossover event in history, 2018 promises to be a great year for Arrested Development fans. Audiences have been patiently waiting to see what happened to Lucille II, the results of Buster's arrest for her murder, and whether Michael and George Michael will be able to repair their relationship. While the Season 4 remix won't answer these questions, it will be the perfect appetizer for the rapidly approaching fifth season.