Hannah G. Was In A Darius Rucker Music Video & You Need To Watch It


It's wild to think about how many people in today's society have full-time jobs thanks to the internet. And The Bachelor contestant Hannah G.'s job is one of them. The title she claims is one that is highly polarizing on the web (but let's be real, what isn't these days?) and that title is social media influencer. Since your mom will probably ask you while you're watching every Monday night, allow me to help you explain what an influencer is exactly. Many people have their own definitions. But essentially, it's a person who builds a large social media following and uses their platform to influence their audience in some way by creating content, posting it online, and sometimes sharing partnerships with relevant brands.

Hannah creates fashion, beauty, and lifestyle-related content for her blog and Instagram page, so that's what her audience is all about. According to the "About" section of her blog, she went to school for photography, but ended up earning a degree in business marketing from the University of Montevallo. However, her love for photography and editing skills still come in handy in the production of her posts.

According to her LinkedIn, she started her social media marketing career as an intern at Soca Clothing in Birmingham, Alabama, where she is now the media manager along with her personal creative business endeavors. There, she manages the brand's social media accounts, produces brand marketing campaigns, designs email blasts, dabbles in public relations, and cracks down on social media analytics. So to say that she's a go-getter is likely an understatement.

Her personal Instagram, where she does most of her influencing, boasts over 73,000 followers. And with that many followers comes great responsibility. She shares tons of outfit posts in garb by brands for which she's an ambassador, including Showpo and Lulus, and her feed is aesthetically pleasing to say the least. Let's just hope she doesn't pull a Jenna Cooper and fake her love for Colton for the followers, because she has to know that appearing on The Bachelor will send them skyrocketing.

That's not all! She's also a model for The Block Agency and MP Atlanta, which makes sense considering she's a total babe. But according to her blog, it simply stumbled across her path and she's kept up with it since. "I was never destined to be a 'model,'" she wrote. "I had braces until like 10th grade, darker hair, zero clue about makeup, and had only participated in MySpace photoshoots with my friends." In 2013, some friends encouraged her to try out for Birmingham Fashion Week and she wasn't feeling optimistic.

To her surprise, she was booked for a few shows and has never looked back. At first it was a hobby, but bookings kept coming in, so she made it a part of her profession. Now, she models for Soca Clothing and other brands, and has even appeared in music videos like this one from Darius Rucker. Wait for it...

Colton may be athletic, but if he's at all interested in Hannah G., he's going to have to stay in shape in order to keep up with her. Because she's an ambitious one, and she's going places with or without The Bachelor.