What Is The Frederic Fekkai Secret Discount? Your Fridays Are About To Get Better

Raise your hand if you've put off getting a haircut or color for far too long because you have zero motivation to actually make an appointment? Just me? Cool. If you're like me, Frederic Fekkai is providing a little incentive to book an appointment. Every Friday, Frederic Fekkai will announce a discount on their social media platforms using #TGIFekkai, so if you book an appointment, you'll get a special deal. As if you needed another reason to follow them on Instagram.

Each Friday, from now until Memorial Day, Frederic Fekkai will be sharing a special discount for their followers, meaning you have two solid months to book a new cut or color so you look fresh for summer.

All you have to do is follow one (or all) of Frederic Fekkai's social channels and keep an eye on them every Friday. They will post the #TGIFekkai password that you then use when you book your appointment.

The discounts are pretty awesome too. The first #TGIFekkai deal, launching on March 31, is a $25 gift certificate for a hair service or products. Think about how amazing that is!? So amazing.

The timing couldn't be better too, because I feel like spring is the best time to freshen up your look. You know, a few highlights here, a nice little trim there.

You're going to look so bomb for summer.

So follow @fredericfekkai on Instagram (or Twitter, if that's your preferred social network) and get ready to celebrate Fridays and fresh hair with #TGIFekkai.