Beauty Vloggers Are Letting Google Pick Their Makeup & The Results Are EXTREMELY Questionable

If you're a true beauty fanatic then you know YouTube is more than just a source for learning how to nail a cut crease or apply falsies. It's home to some of the quirkiest beauty challenges dished out by makeup pros. And who better than the makeup challenge veteran herself, Nikki Tutorials, to birth the next trend: the Google picks my makeup challenge.

These days, it's not enough to just casually slay a beauty beat on camera before thousands of followers. Top influencers and makeup enthusiasts are forever pushing the envelope by challenging one another to get creative with their looks. Sometimes it even means putting product in places they typically don't belong, like the full face using only highlighter and entire face of liquid lipstick challenges did by covering facades with lippies and illuminators. Really, all it takes is a trend surfacing on the 'Tube and every beauty blogger is willing to dust of their brushes.

Rallying the beauty community, it looks the queen of challenges has cooked up a new competition that'll have you confused just by hearing the name of it. This time, there will be no doing the impossible (like the no mirror or using the opposite hand challenges) or slathering faces in strange products (like doing a full face using no real makeup). There's only pure creativity being broadcasted thanks to the latest challenge to gain popularity.

Taking to social media to share yet another flawless flick of herself collaged with a photo of colorful buildings, Nikki Tutorials invited her followers to check out how she came across the inpso for her pastel eye look. As it turns out, Google worked its magic, generating a photo just for Nikki's beauty beat.

No, the gazillion-dollar company didn't call Nikki up and suggest she cover her lids in bright hues. But the influencer used Google search to find her inspiration by typing in a short phrase.

The rules of the "Google picks my makeup challenge" are cut and dry. One would simply type the initials of their first and last name, followed by the word "look" into the Google search bar. The first image that surfaces on the "images" page is what would be used for beauty inspo. For example, "nj look" is what Nikki typed for her Google search.

"Look at colors, textures, mood, settings and use it all for the ultimate Google approved look!," wrote Nikki in the caption for her video.

It's quite the creative challenge that may not have been a thing before Nikki Tutorials brought it to the light. Even though she does appear to be the first blogger to combine initials and a Google search for a beauty look, she doesn't exactly claim to be the challenge's creator. She admits that even though she hasn't seen it been done before, you never truly know, considering YouTube hoards millions of videos.

Regardless of the facts, she is the blogger that set the challenge in motion, prompting her followers to see what Google had in mind for them.

Of course, pretty buildings and landscapes weren't in store for everyone. Some of the results were hilarious.

Others were discouraging for fans who wanted to give the challenge a go.

From memes to inanimate objects to runways, beauty enthusiasts received mixed results that left them stunned.

No matter the image, however, this beauty challenge was ideal for getting many fans out of their comfort zones. It wasn't just a crazy tactic for getting views and likes, but rather, something much for refreshing that actually required challengers to use their imagination to turn an image that seemed like nothing into something.

This may not be the last Google challenge we see from Nikki Tutorials, either. As she states in the beginning of her video, the guru has plans to do more Google Picks My Makeup challenges in the future, using different themes. So, the beauty community will just have to stay tuned for more googly challenges that may really put an influencer's talent to the test.