What Fans Can Expect From The Lawrence Brothers' Upcoming Sitcom

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now that news is out that Joey, Andrew, and Matthew Lawrence are reuniting on television, '90s fans are eager to know what the Lawrence brothers' new show is about, and they sure haven't made it easy to guess. When speaking with Bustle earlier this week, Joey was tight-lipped with specifics, but did seem to tease something edgier and more mature — a marked departure from their sentimental but warm-hearted sitcom Brotherly Love.

Joey, the eldest of the sibling trio, explained that they were limited by network guidelines when the series was on air, but this time around, they can push a few more boundaries. "We had to sugarcoat everything and wrap it all up. It's a different age now, thank god, in that regard. We can really have fun," he recently told Bustle. "And we're grown-ass men, so it's fun to really do it at this point where we can talk about things that are really going on."

Some details will stay the same: It's a single camera, half-hour comedy, stars the brothers as relatives, and still has "lots of heart," Joey said, but it sounds like they're amping up the humor. Essentially, they want to grow with the fanbase that's been with them from the beginning, so if you watched Brotherly Love, their currently untitled show should be right up your alley, albeit with a bit more punch.

Beyond that, all that Joey offered was that they're working with an Emmy Award-winning writer and they're now deep into production for the pilot. Andrew and Matthew haven't offered many hints, either, but Joey hasn't been shy about sharing what looks like photos from set. "Something's cooking on the #island stay tuned," he captioned one image. Then another: Day out with the Fam #doingalittlework #getready."

Alas, that's all for now, but given that it will be the first time in 15 years the brothers have been together on TV, it should be well worth the wait whenever it arrives.

Additional reporting by Sage Young.