Where Are The Lawrence Brothers Now?

by Amy Mackelden

Matthew, Joey, and Andy Lawrence occupied the lives of '90s kids everywhere by starring on several of the most popular shows on television. While Joey Lawrence has stayed on the radar, by starring in Melissa And Joey amongst other things, where have the other two brothers gotten to? Where are the Lawrence brothers now, and is there any hope of a Brotherly Love reunion on the horizon? Please tell me that there is, and I will be so happy.

For those not in the know, Brotherly Love was a Disney Channel classic that originally ran from 1995—1997 and, in my opinion, was cancelled in its prime. Luckily for Lawrence brother fanatics, Matthew Lawrence got cast on Boy Meets World, and appeared from 1997—2000. However, any role one of the Lawrence brothers takes that doesn't include the other Lawrence brothers feels like a missed opportunity. Which is why it's always great to see the brothers making appearances together, and giving us all of the feels, simultaneously. Andy, Matthew, and Joey Lawrence may be all grown up at this point, but what are the actors working on right now? Are there any important movies or shows starring the trio that fans should seek out immediately? Well...

1. Joey Lawrence

The eldest Lawrence brother has been working steadily, especially since he's been half of popular sitcom Melissa And Joey, which co-stars queen of television, Melissa Joan Hart. While Melissa And Joey wrapped up in 2015, Joey Lawrence has lots of other projects in the works, including movies Isle Of The Dead, A Wish For Christmas, and Arlo: The Burping Pig . He certainly has a varied workload.

2. Matthew Lawrence

Matthew Lawrence was always my personal favorite Lawrence brother. I had an extremely long crush on him throughout Brotherly Love and Boy Meets World, and am still holding out hopes that we might marry one day. Matthew Lawrence is currently reprising his role on Girl Meets World, and has just finished filming a movie called Evol: The Theory Of Love . Here's to a Matthew Lawrence revival.

3. Andrew Lawrence

The youngest Lawrence brother has also guest-starred on Melissa And Joey, and has been steadily booking roles on shows like CSI: Cyber, and Hawaii Five-0 .

While I'd love to see a reboot of Brotherly Love , it doesn't look as though it's going to happen anytime soon. Still, the fact that all three of the Lawrence brothers are still working steadily in Hollywood gives me a lot of hope for the future.