Nicol Concilio & Violet Voss Are Doing An Eyeshadow Palette

Vlogger and style influencer Nicol Concilio — that's not a typo, she ditches the "e" — engaged in a collab with Tarte last year, comprised of gorgeous, gold makeup brushes. But she's not "one and done" with collabs. Concilio is teaming up with Internet-loved indie brand Violet Voss for her own eyeshadow palette.

Perhaps this collab could be that which further and firmly puts Violet Voss, largely a cult brand, on the makeup map, the way Jaclyn Hill did for BECCA when the first Champagne Pop product landed.

Concilio posted a black and white tease of the collection on her Instagram. That filter totally keeps us guessing about the exact nature of the shades, but we can glean a lot of information about the palette based on the image and the names.

The Nicol Concilio x Violet Voss collab is a 20-pan eyeshadow palette and here's what we can tell.

There are light and dark shades. There are mattes and shimmers. The colors have the cutest monikers, like "Pizza" and "Hey Girl."

These colors could end up being anything. But even with the greyed out filter, you can easily see that there is a variety of mix and match shades and in multiple textures.

Nicol Concilio x Violet Voss will be made available in mid-July and the vlogger promised to reveal the colors themselves and the meanings behind the names soon. So be patient.

There's your tease. They could be blues, blacks, golds, oranges, purples, whatever. We won't know until she does a full reveal but you can guess that perhaps "Chawwcolate" will be brown and "Pizza" could be orange.

In her Insta story, Concilio said that she and Violet Voss have been working on this palette for a year.

Check out the inspirational and sweet note from the vlogger on the back of the packaging. This palette was created for everyone.

Concilio also says in her IG story that everything about the palette is 100% her.

This palette wasn't something she threw together haphazardly.

Here's an even closer look.

If you love expanding your eyeshadow wardrobe with totable, guesswork-eliminating palettes, then the Nicol Concilio x Violet Boss collab is the latest entry into those sweepstakes.

Let's throwback to the Tarte brush collection, yo! They were ultra glam and of the utmost quality.

Clearly, Concilio knows what she is doing when it comes to eye makeup, as evidenced by this selfie. Her VV palette should be one that shadow obsessives scoop up on the quick.