Here's The Deal On Nick Viall's The Polished Gent

by Kali Borovic
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The final rose has officially been given out but it looks like his recent engagement isn't the only new endeavor that the most recent Bachelor star has coming up. After teasing the idea of his own business for weeks now, the details on Nick Viall's The Polished Gent are officially here. What is The Polished Gent, you ask? Here's everything we know about the brand so far.

According to Allure, it seems like Viall has no plans to return to his job in software sales post-Bachelor. With any national television role comes a big platform to boot, and Viall will apparently be using his to grow a business. The Polished Gent appears to be a men's grooming business which, according to Allure, will include hair and skin care items. He's recently given interviews about his interest the men's beauty items and now the website is officially here with a message to fans.

“Since my mid-20s, I have put more time than I would like to admit into keeping a youthful appearance," The Polished Gent website reads. "Most of that time was spent just buying random products hoping some of them might actually work! Sadly, that method resulted in a huge amount of time and money wasted. A handful of products really stood out over the years, and I am excited to share them with you.”

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Of course, that doesn't say exactly what the products will be. In the Glamour interview, Viall had the idea for The Polished Gent even before The Bachelor. "A few months before I was asked to be the Bachelor, I actually started a small business with a couple partners," Viall told Glamour. "It’s online and for men’s grooming products, so I’ve been focusing a lot of time on that."

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Considering that the 36-year-old is well-groomed himself, I guess it only makes sense that he would follow this path. So if you're looking to get a Viall-level beard, this is the brand for you. As of Mar. 14, there are still no products up on the site, so we'll have to wait and see what The Polished Gent has to offer.

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To be the first to know all about The Polished Gent, you can subscribe through the website. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what's to come!