Thomas From 'Queer Eye' Has Already Been Posting About His Experience After The Show

Christopher Smith/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for Queer Eye Season 3. It'll be hard picking out birthday presents for Thomas Diggs from now on. After all, what do you get for someone who already had the Fab Five show up on his doorstep to help ring in his 21st birthday? Thomas was a shy computer programmer nominated for Queer Eye by his older sister Krissy. Krissy was eager to see Thomas come out of his shell and learn to take care of himself so that she didn't have to worry about him so much, and by the end of the episode, it seemed like he was well on his way to doing just that. But what is Thomas from Queer Eye doing now? Was he able to fully become the lion Karamo wanted him to be?

On Thomas's Facebook profile, he lists his nickname under his real name as "Tom Tom," which is better than sloth, that's for sure! Per his LinkedIn, he's still an IT Support Specialist at Rockhurst University, while simultaneously studying software development at University of Missouri - Kansas City.

In his personal bio on LinkedIn, he says that he's still planning on pursuing a career in IT. "I am a college student aspiring to become a Software Developer," he writes. "Computers have always been a huge interest in my life, from gaming, data management, storage, data structures and more. Because of this, I feel it was the right career path for me to pursue."

As far as the non-work aspects of his life go, Thomas seems to have started enjoying going out at least a bit more than he used to. He posted the below picture of two empty restaurant plates on his Instagram with the caption "Happy plate." So clearly, Antoni's encouragement to take his experience of food to the next level has caught on!

As for Bobby's bedroom design, well, maybe that hasn't fared so well. Thomas posted a sad screenshot of a Snapchat post featuring his broken bedside lamp (you can still see the headboard Bobby picked out in the background). The post is from December, though, so let's hope that he's fixed it by now and is back to living his best post-QE life.

And what about his sister, Krissy? Did the Fab Five make her feel comfortable enough to fly the nest and leave baby bro to fend for himself? Well, according to Krissy's Instagram, she's still living in Kansas City. But if you look closely at her stories, her work as an art director has taken her all over the country and world over the last year. Hopefully her career continues to blossom now that the baby sloth has become a full-fledged lion — though she may not want to stray too far from that gorgeous new back patio Bobby designed.

Thomas and his sister might have different dreams for themselves, and that may take Krissy elsewhere someday, but for now, they're sticking together just like they always have. If and when she does venture outside of Kansas City, she can have the peace of mind that Thomas will be just fine.

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