Universal Standard Is Launching A Super Comfy Basics Line — And It Goes Up To Size 40

Everyone needs good basics. From layer tanks to tee shirts, great basics are a must, and Universal Standard's Foundation line is the size inclusive range that you've been waiting for.

The truth is that finding staples can be difficult for some. Whether you're looking for a good nude that isn't 50 shades of beige or you need a size that's just not available in many stores, finding something simple can be well, not simple at all. Universal Standard, however, is trying to eliminate some of the complications that come with snagging your wardrobe must-haves thanks to their Foundation line.

If you haven't figured it out by now, the new range from the luxury brand is filled with basics that'll help you transition between seasons, rock a pared down look, or create layers. The best news about the line, though, isn't that it's everyone's must-have pieces. It's the size range. The Universal Standard Foundation line will come in sizes 00-40 making it an incredibly size inclusive collection the likes of which you just don't see very often.

While the specifics of the types of basics inside the line are a bit of a mystery, the brand describes the new line as, "A collection of 7 supremely soft, fit-first layering basics, for the first time, serving sizes 00-40."

Universal Standard's approach to chic and size-inclusive styles is rooted in how the brand was formed. According to the brand's website, friends Alex and Polina were talking about Alex having nothing to wear to an event. Confused, Polina asked her friend, why she couldn't just walk to 5th Avenue and purchase something. Being a plus woman, Alex couldn't actually shop at any of the stores along the famous road and took Polina to a department store to show her to sad state of fashion for plus women.

In 2015, Alex and Polina left their jobs and began Universal Standard. They've been serving customers with size inclusive, minimalist and chic styles ever since.

Universal Standards's new Foundation line in sizes 00-40 isn't its only inclusive innovation as of late. Only a few months ago, the brand announced their "See It In Your Size" feature which allows shoppers to view a particular item their shopping on different body types of different sizes. From size 6 to size 32, you can see what an item looks like on each size in their current range, and now that range is growing to a size 40 thanks to their Foundation collection.

If you want to be one of the first to know when Universal Standard's new Foundation collection debuts, you can head to the brand's website now. They've got an entire section already dedicated to the new line. Simply enter your e-mail address and you'll be one of the first to be notified of the launch and any special sneak peeks the brand may offer. With a 00-40 size range in what's sure to be the prefect layering basics, this is certainly a fashion launch that you want to know about.