Here's The Reason Mercury Retrograde Can Lead To Breakups


At this point, you've likely heard a whole lot about the impending doom coming our way on Mar. 5. That might be a little dramatic, but the truth is this: the first Mercury retrograde of 2019 begins on that day, and it's probably going to be a bumpy ride.

Mercury rules communication, travel, and data, meaning all of those things could be negatively affected. It's also a time to reflect and look back on the past, which could make things feel more emotional than usual. On top of that, it's happening during Pisces season, which is a very dreamy, very emotional time. So, yeah — it's safe to say you'll be feeling all of the feels, and maybe making some decisions about your life that will impact you in the future. But what does it mean if you break up with your partner during Mercury retrograde this March? Is it just because of everything going on in the universe, or is it the real deal?

Mercury retrograde doesn't directly affect relationships, but some of the side effects of the period can. One major thing that can be disrupted during the retrograde period is any kind of communication. It can often feel harder than it should during Mercury retrograde — you might say things without thinking or you might take a comment the wrong way, causing an issue. And since communication is such a huge part of a relationship, it makes sense that relationships can be affected in the long run.

At the same time, you have Pisces season to contend with. This is generally a relaxing, dreamy time period where you can sit back and just be one with your mind before the more hectic Aries season takes over. But there are downsides to Pisces season as well: it's super emotional. Astrologer Jake Register writes on Cosmopolitan, "Even if you’re a pragmatic earth sign or an easy-going air sign, you might still feel unusually frazzled, sensitive, and indecisive. But for better or worse, you’re now way more tuned in to your feelings and the moods of others, not to mention your own needs."

It can also be a confusing time as well as an emotional one. says that in Pisces season, you want and need to open up your mind to a wider view of things — but that can feel overwhelming, especially with the stress of Mercury retrograde happening. Your mind is basically a jumble, and that can definitely cause things to happen in your personal life.

It's not a bad thing to reflect on your life so far or to feel emotions more strongly than usual. But, again, it can affect you. For example, it may help push you along to make the decision to break up with your significant other. So is the split the real deal, or is it just a side effect of this weird Mercury retrograde period?

While no one can really answer that question but you, it's safe to say that if you decide to break things off with your partner during this time period, it may be the right decision. There are a few reasons for that. One is that Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to look back on where you've been. If you've been doing that, you may have (maybe even subconsciously) come to the conclusion that you haven't been happy in your relationship and you need a break or a fresh start.

The other reason is that, because of Pisces season, you're also seeing things from a slightly different perspective, and you're realizing that your dating life needed a change, and a big one. All of those emotions going on could be pushing you in the right direction.

That said, it's still true that it's never encouraged to make big, life-altering decisions during Mercury retrograde — and breaking up with someone is definitely that. So, if you feel like you did the wrong thing, wait until the retrograde period is over, and then give yourself some time to process and think about things again. You may get some much-needed clarity.