Yes, You Can Get Off Without Being Touched — And Here's What It's Like

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Felicity, 29, was watching a hypnosis video aimed at making someone orgasm when she started twitching. Before she knew it, she was erupting in a full-body orgasm. It sounds out there, but Felicity isn't the only person who can orgasm without touch. Many others have achieved touch-free orgasms through a surprising number of methods.

Tania Simirenko, 54, can orgasm simply through dirty talk. "My touchless orgasms have been induced by words, tone of voice, and energy exchange — with my love looking me in the eye and telling me, in slow, measured sentences, with well-timed silence to allow my body to experience his words, exactly what he plans to do with me next," she tells Bustle. "My body goes into an energetic orgasm and I start squirting. He can induce this through well-spaced and written text messages as well."

Just getting really turned on and anticipating her partner's touch is enough for 39-year-old Alicia Davon, who teaches a technique called extended orgasm, to orgasm. "It feels like a lot of pleasure in my pussy, contractions and fluttering, and also like electricity flowing through my body," she tells Bustle. "It can feel more subtle [than a regular orgasm], but not always. Sometimes it is just as intense and sensational."

Some touch-free orgasms do involve physical pressure, but it comes from the inside. Will, 30, has learned to achieve them by repetitively squeezing his PC muscles. "The moments leading up to it feel almost impossibly intense and unbearable, as obviously, all along the way, you want to touch yourself and help yourself over the finish line," he tells Bustle. "But I didn't let myself do that, and so that feeling just keeps building... and then eventually, if you concentrate on it enough and keep squeezing, squeezing, squeezing, then the orgasm will eventually come (no pun intended). So all in all, if you have the patience to see it all the way through to the end, then it can very a pretty intense, rewarding, and trippy experience."

BDG Media, Inc.

Stories like these may sound made up to the majority of us, who have only experienced orgasm through stimulation of the genitals. But Sexuality Researcher, Educator, and Therapist Markie L. C. Twist, Ph.D. tells Bustle they're totally possible. "From my clinical practice, I have known people who can orgasm without touch — just by being talked to, by thinking about sex, etc.," she says. "Usually, it is women, as much of their orgasm experience is mental. I have known only one or maybe two men who can orgasm without touch. I believe that is less common in general. I also have known people who are involved in BDSM/kink practices who can orgasm in relation to such practices."

For Simirenko, touch-free orgasm "shows how deeply we can be interconnected — or maybe, more accurately, how deeply I️ can surrender my sense of separation." Learning to experience it has made her more attuned to other people energetically as well as physically.

"If the connection is strong enough, I️ can experience their orgasm as if it were mine, and can transmit my orgasm as if it were theirs," she says. "It’s an amazingly intimate and intense experience. My creativity is enhanced by this, as is my empathy and compassion."