'The Perfectionists' Star Graeme King Explains What Jeremy Is Really Hiding From Caitlin

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Spoilers ahead for PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1, Episode 8. Up until now, Jeremy and Caitlin's relationship on The Perfectionists seemed pretty innocuous. But during the May 8 episode, Caitlin discovered that Jeremey was hiding things from her, so she decided to follow him and find out what was going on. "That’s the worst thing that she could have done," Graeme Thomas King, who plays Jeremy, says in an interview with Bustle. Now, he says, Caitlin is implicated in whatever Jeremy is hiding.

It's not clear what exactly Jeremy's involved in, but it might have something to do with his work at Hotchkiss Industries. Jeremy told Caitlin that his job was "boring," and that he just teaches proprietary software to employees. However, he also claimed that he didn't use his personal computer, but Caitlin found a ton of encrypted files on it. Later, believing the computer had been compromised by Caitlin, Jeremy took it out to the river and destroyed it. Caitlin followed him there, and Jeremy looked so upset when he discovered she'd followed him and was snooping around his car.

"Now she's involved," King says of Caitlin's decision to follow Jeremy. "If she hadn't turned up, then things would have gone very differently and maybe her life would have been a lot easier. But she’s made things very complicated for herself by turning up."

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King says Jeremy only wanted to protect Caitlin from the secrets on that computer to keep her safe. "He doesn’t want to get her involved," King says. "The more she knows, the more in danger she’d actually be."

At the end of the episode, Jeremy finds Caitlin snooping and tells her to get in his car. It's as menacing as he's looked this season, but try not to worry too much about Caitlin. King says he thinks Jeremy loves Caitlin too much to ever hurt her. He just wants to protect her, which is how this secret-keeping started in the first place. "If you loved someone so dearly and you had this secret that if you told them it could implicate them, would you tell them? I don’t know," King says.

He adds that not only did Caitlin put herself in danger by following him to the river, she also endangered their relationship. Prior to that point, Jeremy implicitly trusted Caitlin. Now, things are more complicated.

"He wasn't banking on her turning up to the river or even following him, because, you know, he trusted her," King says. "She's acting so suspicious herself, it's changed the dynamic of the relationship entirely." He adds that the basis of their relationship had been trust, but that's been broken now — by both of them. "They’re both keeping secrets from each other," King says.

Alison DiLaurentis may have claimed in the first episode of Pretty Little Liars that secrets are what keep friends close, but they're also what can tear apart a relationship. Depending on the kind of secrets Jeremy is hiding, and how dangerous they are, their relationship may not be able to survive it. Sydney Park, who plays Caitlin, previously told Bustle that "it would break [Caitlin's] heart if Jeremy were to ever go away." Here's hoping it doesn't come to that.

Considering that Caitlin has plenty of secrets of her own, maybe it's just time that the couple was honest with each other about everything. Perhaps they'd be able to help mitigate the danger if they were both in the know. Either way, this isn't the last we'll see of Jeremy. King teased to Bustle that he's finally going to have a scene with someone other than just Caitlin, and that the rest of the Perfectionists will meet him soon. "I'm excited for people to see that," King says. "That's coming up, and it happens in a big way. So you just have to wait and continue watching."

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that Jaitlin (Caremy?) makes it through this dangerous secret keeping together. Caitlin's life is hard enough in Beacon Heights without losing her true love too.