Fans Shouldn't Trust Jeremy On 'The Perfectionists' For One Simple Reason

Kurt Iswarienko/Freeform

If it's one thing a Pretty Little Liars fan knows, it's not to trust a Brit. Not to condemn a whole nation here, but we've been burned before. First, there was Wren on Pretty Little Liars, and that was a bust. Then, there was Alex Drake, who was the whole reason that the Liars were being tortured in the first place. Now, on PLL: The Perfectionists, Jeremy Beckett is walking around Beacon Heights University like he can do whatever he wants because he has that charming, charming accent. Jeremy might be evil on The Perfectionists, and it's not just because I. Marlene King makes it hard to trust anyone from across the bond.

Graeme Thomas King plays Jeremy, who is secretly dating resident perfect girl Caitlin. According to TVLine, Jeremy is a "brilliant young scientist who... is hiding a shocking secret," but this is a Pretty Little Liars spinoff, guys. Who isn't hiding a shocking a secret? We know that Caitlin and Jeremy can't reveal their relationship, much to Jeremy's chagrin.

In an interview with Bustle, King said, "I think Jeremy would do anything for Caitlin, and I think he’s very much in love, but as time goes on there’s more tension and things endanger what they have. For him, more than her, this is his life. She’s got so much going on with her family, but his Beacon Heights life is everything."

Hmm... everything, huh? Does that everything maybe include the murderous impalement of Nolan Hotchkiss, who was holding Caitlin's mother's adulterous ways over her daughter's head? Maybe Jeremy thought killing Nolan would be the way to free his girlfriend from Nolan's clutches and would finally let them be together out in the open.

It's a possibility, and it's one that King won't spill. In another interview with Bustle, King said, "[Jeremy is] very intelligent, and I think he’s new to the States and has come over fairly recently. I think he loves his job, he’s got a great apartment he’s obviously getting paid really well." Oh, OK, so these are all things that Jeremy might feel he has to protect from... people like Nolan. The plot thickens.

Most characters are not implicitly evil or good, but so far, and from what we know about creepy British dudes in the Pretty Little Liars world, all signs might point to "avoid this dude like the British at Yorktown." It's just that we've never been made to believe a man like hi before! Why start now? Even though you don't need to have watched Pretty Little Liars to know that Jeremy could be the next creep of the week.

As Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison, told Entertainment Tonight, a lack of experience in Pretty Little Liars doesn't mean you won't like The Perfectionists. "What I love about The Perfectionists is, if you’ve never watched the show, you get it," she said. "If you’re a PLL fan, you appreciate it without it being too much in your face." You see? Jeremy's creepiness transcends boundaries of time and space.