13 People Share Their Mile High Club Stories & It's Not All Fun And Games


Joining the Mile High Club may be some people's fantasy, but for some of us (like yours truly), it sounds pretty nightmarish. Maybe that's just because I haven't been able to figure out how it would play out in real life. But this Reddit thread looked at exactly what happens when you join the Mile High Club. Some of the stories sound like great successes, while others were... well, less successful, to say the least.

But no wonder. I mean, it's hard to have sex on an airplane — especially if you're doing it a tiny room with a vacuum toilet always menacingly close. You're going to need to get creative. "Since space is limited, you might want to consider various sex acts — not just intercourse," Astroglide's resident sexologist Dr. Jess O'Reilly. Lube can also be a lifesaver, she says. And definitely get creative with positions.

"Plan for positions that allow you to put your feet up on the toilet seat (wear shoes!) or allow you to lean back against the door of the restroom," she says.

And don't forget, of course, that there are some risks involved — like getting caught. So it's not something to walk into without a game plan. But if you are interested on how the Mile High Club plays out in real life, here's what the Reddit users had to say.


Super Obvious

Fun part about this thread: You learn how many people give zero effs about hiding the fact they are having sex on a plane. I didn't see that part coming.


A Different Option

I guess the Mile High Club doesn't always have to be with a partner — this person just decided to go for it solo. Respect.


Personal Issues

Told you this was a running theme. It seems to never draw any questions from the staff, so, though morally dubious, it seems to be an effective option.


Red Eye

It took me a second to realize that this meant they had full on intercourse without even going to the bathroom. I mean, that is commitment, but also kind of... WTF, right?


They Got Caught

Yup, it's not all happy endings. Though a lot of the airline staff seemed to be really chill about it, this unlucky person got a stewardess who was having none of it. So be warned, you can definitely get caught.


The Perfect Crime

This seemed like a very fancy flight to have gigantic restrooms, but it worked for this pair.



As soon as I saw the words "my victory sauce" I completely blacked out anything else about this post. I will never be able to think about anything else for as long as I live.


Plant The Seed

This is so much commitment to having sex on an airplane — planting the seed for a joke long before. But it's another case of a stewardess who was not having any of it.



I mean, that could be a good thing, but I don't think it is in this case.


"I Just Smiled"

This poster doesn't seem at all worried by the fact that they were back in their seats within five minutes. But I guess if there's anytime for a quickie, it's when you're on an airplane.


Study Abroad

That is... I have no words. I'm all for getting a little kinky, but it is nobody's job to pick up your dirty underwear for you.



They don't seem to just be interested in the Mile High Club — that's a lot of sex all over the place. But hey, whatever works for them.


At Least An Hour

AN HOUR? This person really DGAF.

So, there are definitely some varying levels of success when it comes to joining the Mile High Club. If it sounds good, then go for it, but just be discreet and, at the very least, respectful to your fellow passengers.