This One Zodiac Sign Should Speak Their Mind During This Summer’s Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury retrograde isn't over yet and as the zodiac calendar transitions into Leo season, the fire signs may not be feeling the most festive, even as their birthdays approach. For some guidance on what Leo zodiac signs should and shouldn't do during Mercury retrograde summer 2019, Bustle spoke to the experts.

Finding ease during this time can be daunting, especially since Mercury retrograde is notorious for stirring up old feelings that we haven't quite moved past yet. The last thing anyone wants is to find themselves sobbing over an ex on the night before their birthday. But hopefully, these dos and don'ts can offer some balance and perspective in those moments of high emotional intensity. The golden rule for any Mercury retrograde is not to act impulsively or force progress on a new venture; it's a time for reflection as the planet which rules everything from technology and communication to our minds and thought processes stations retrograde, impeding forward motion in those areas.

Focusing on your own needs and honing your intuition during this time is crucial, Leo, even if it means disappointing some people. Try to regulate your impulses as much as you can, and check out these other tips to get the most out of this retrograde.

Do: Get In The Sun

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Leos were born to shine and basking in the July/August sunlight this summer is a great way to recharge during this Mercury retrograde.

"As much as possible, Leos should definitely enjoy the sun and sun-related activities such as beach volleyball, tanning, and making sun-tea," astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Bustle. "Stay light hearted, dismiss miscommunications, and let out the things you want to say with zeal. Don't hang on to slights or exes."

Don't: Be Extra

"Definitely don't meddle in situations or assert your beliefs without hearing anyone else's first," astrologer Lisa Stardust advises. Mercury retrograde is notorious for generating miscommunication and Leos can sometimes inadvertently inflict pain with the sheer power of their beliefs. Be mindful of how much people love you and value your opinions.

Do: Maturely Express Yourself

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Stardust's advice, however, is not to say that you should be a doormat. She does advocate for mature self-expression. What does that mean exactly? "Stay in your lane and keep an open mind," she suggests.

Do: Be Brave & Bold

Astrologer Rachel Lang agrees that expressing yourself in creative ways is important during this time. "Indulge in a project, even if you have no talent whatsoever," she suggests to Bustle. "This is a time to get in touch with your passion and have the courage to follow your heart. You’ll likely feel a stronger sense of your purpose, and you can clear through limits, doubts, and fears, to live more purposefully."

Do: Relax & Take It Easy

"Practice self-care," Lang encourages. "Give yourself time away from everything, especially from complicated or unhealthy relationship dynamics."

Don't: Engage In Fruitless Drama

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Sometimes hashing out conflict with high emotion can be extremely productive. This is...not one of those times. Lang cautions against "[becoming] invested in care-taking for someone who seems to need more than you have to give."

"This can be a selfish time for you," she adds. "After all, the sun is in your sign for part of this retrograde. Focus on what you need and how you can grow throughout this period."