This Is How Brits Would Spend Their Perfect Day & TBH, Same

by Emily Dixon
Shaun Robinson/Stocksy

As another dreaded Monday approaches, you might find yourself contemplating: what makes a perfect day? It's a question Brits have given a lot of thought to, a new survey suggests. As the Independent reports, Lottoland polled 2,000 British adults on how their ideal day would pan out — and it turned out 22 per cent of them, rather than make any elaborate plans, just wanted to hang out in their pyjamas. Cute!

A perfect day for the survey participants would begin at the surprisingly early 8 a.m. — no extensive lie-in required, apparently — and end in bed at 11 p.m. In between, one in five would take a shopping trip, while 29 per cent would go for a family day out (one in 10 parents said they'd take some thoroughly deserved time away from their kids.) 30 per cent would go for a long walk outdoors, and eight per cent would take to the treadmill (or alternative gym equipment).

Four in 10 respondents said their perfect day would involve a bit of music (specifically, one in 10 just wanted to sing in the shower.) In particular, Brits said they'd listen to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now," Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer," Pharrell Williams' "Happy," and Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." (Not one Beyoncé song, Brits? To this I really must object.)


Meanwhile, three in 10 respondents said they'd stick their favourite film on — and their top choice? None other than Dirty Dancing, though Mrs Doubtfire, Star Wars (no preference as to which, apparently), and Love Actually also scored highly. 15 per cent would opt for a box set instead, and since their preferred show wasn't specified, let's go ahead and assume it was the new season of Queer Eye because honestly, what else could you be watching right now?

Food, of course, played a major role for Brits envisioning their perfect day. A third of respondents said they'd choose a roast dinner, and 28 per cent said they'd get a pizza in (or out). No one planned to go thirsty, either, with one in five saying they'd take a trip to the pub. As for the end of the day? For most, it wouldn't end at 3 a.m., heading to the chip shop after the club kicked out. According to the Independent, "more Britons wanted to stay in with a good book than head out for a raucous night on the town."

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"We’ve all had days we thought were utterly perfect — ones we wish we could relive again and again," a Lottoland spokesperson told the Independent. "Our results found, quite sweetly, that most of Britons’ ideas of what a perfect day is are totally achievable."

"After all, it’s not impossible to take a day off work to spend the whole day at home in your pyjamas," the Lottoland spokesperson said. Hear that? It might be time to get that day off in the diary, plan a lengthy Netflix schedule, and ready the comfiest PJs you own.