Here’s How Astrologists Think Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s First Year Of Marriage Will Go

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While we're all impatiently waiting for the next royal wedding on May 19, I can't help but jump a few steps ahead and wonder what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first year of marriage will be like when they're finally Mr. and Mrs. — or, more appropriately, Duke and Duchess. While I'm sure, if The Crown is any indication, their first year will ~literally~ be smooth sailing, I took to the planets and stars to find out if astrologists had anything to say about the royal couple's future as newlyweds. Because, hey, if you're going to consult a wedding planner, why not also seek out an astrologist? Being prepared for a possible mishap in the wedding party is standard, but why not also be prepared for your first Mercury retrograde as a married couple?

Thankfully, it all starts with great news for the royally adorable couple. Connecticut astrologist Janet Booth, who has over 40 years helping couples pick their perfect wedding date (pro tip: don't get married when Venus or Mercury are retrograde), tells Bustle that Markle and Prince Harry are compatible, so they're already off to a solid start as a married couple. According to Booth, both Markle and Prince Harry's ruling planets are aligned in such a way that, from an astrology perspective, they were really meant for each other.

As Booth tells Bustle: "[Markle]'s planet of commitment (Saturn) and her marriage asteroid (Juno) have their midpoint at [Prince Harry's] Venus degree. Similarly, the midpoint between her Sun (how she shines, and another planet that indicates a man in a woman’s chart) and her Neptune (a planet of image and charisma) is at his Venus degree." In other words, if the planets and stars had any say, these two were bound to cross paths.

Also, Booth tells Bustle that the couple's wedding date, May 19, looks like a promising day to tie the knot. "The Sun in Taurus promises stability and lots of hugs and physical affection. The Moon in Cancer is warm and caring, very family-oriented," she says. "Their wedding date, May 19, 2018, stimulates parts of their charts related to having children, and if they do want a family, then it’s a decent enough date. If they don’t want children, they may have to be very careful not to!"

Now we're getting into the newlywed stuff! Could kids really be in the very near future for the soon-to-be Duke and Duchess? While only they know for sure, it seems that the planets are aligning in such a way that baby news wouldn't be totally surprising shortly after the wedding. According to New York City-based astrologist Lisa Stardust, who has over 10 years of astrological experience, "from now until November 2019, they will both have baby fever." She tells Bustle that fans shouldn't be surprised if the couple announces "news of a little one shortly after the wedding." Innnnnteresting.

Similarly, Brooklyn-based energy tarot reader Lauren Cucinotta tells Bustle that, "I see these rewards coming to them as quickly as this year, and if there isn’t a baby announcement this year, this is also a year where they could easily get pregnant and is actually a focus for them." We'll just have to wait to see what happens in that department, of course, but this news is certainly very exciting.

Additionally, according to Cucinotta — who tapped into the energy of the couple and pulled four cards that represent their first married year together — tells Bustle, "their first year of marriage will really be about putting structures in place and creating a solid foundation ... I see them spending a lot of time with just the two of them together, and less in the public eye. They are more concerned about their relationship (as they should be) than the public opinion and will be building structures that work for them, not for anything else." But will shacking up as the media frenzy fades weigh on the couple?

According to Cucinotta, communication will be a major theme for their first year. Similarly, Lisa Stardust tells Bustle, "They may need some adjusting to home life ... privacy and living a life out of the public eye — spending alone time may bring up some challenges — but they will survive and be a stronger unit as a result." Any couple starting their life together after the hype of a wedding party passes might cross the threshold into their new life excited, but maybe a little overwhelmed. Merging traditions and starting new ones together is a matter of supportive collaboration and fairytale or not, takes work. But the stars have their back, and it seems as though once those structures are set, Prince Harry and Markle will have a solid foundation to begin their lives together on.

All newlyweds face first year challenges, but it's ultimately for the benefit of a stronger family unit. As Cucinotta sums up, "their first year of marriage is all about creating structures, and specifically a happy home life between the two of them, to handle the larger family and future coming their way." Is is just me, or does this real-life fairytale, challenges and all, seem way better than any Disney movie?