This 'Bachelor' Contestant's Job Title Is Sparking Some Confusion

The women who will be vying for Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s heart on The Bachelor have been announced, and they're an eclectic bunch. One contestant who's already sparking interest from fans is Marikh. According to her bio on People's site, The Bachelor contestant Marikh owns a restaurant, however, what appears to be her LinkedIn profile states that she's a director of branding at Social Paragon. So, what restaurant does Marikh own, if she does indeed own a restaurant? (Bustle has reached out to Marikh for more info, but did not receive an immediate response.)

UPDATE: On The Bachelor: Countdown to Arie special that aired on Dec. 11, Marikh said that she owns the restaurant with her mom. According to her Bachelor bio — and the clip of the pair on the special — her mom is a chef.

EARLIER: While both ABC and People list Marikh as a restaurant owner, Bachelor super sleuth Reality Steve says she's a model and director of branding. Of course, there's no reason why Marikh can't be a triple threat. While searching for her possible restaurant doesn't turn up any answers on the internet currently, the 27-year-old clearly has her share of interests.

At this point, Marikh's status as a restaurateur remains unclear, but there's no question about just how busy this contestant's life appears to be. The Salt Lake City, Utah native's Instagram page is full of what appears to be photo shoots, which suggests she may be a model. In December 2014, she shared a photo from a Miss Utah USA fashion show, and more recently, Marikh posted pictures from a shoot she did with photographer Callie Manion.

Restaurant owner or not, Marikh seems to be a brunch enthusiast. On more than one occasion, she's taken to Instagram to share her love of a good mid-morning meal. Arie should take note, because Marikh's ideal date might just involve an excellent brunch buffet and a bottle of rosé.

There are also a few social media hints that Marikh may dabble in acting as well. She has her own IMDb page, although she only has one credit to her name so far — Big Time: My Doodled Diary. And in 2016, she attended the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles. She captioned her photo of the event, "Thank you, Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles for having me. It's always so inspiring to see the amount of talent in this community."

One of the Bachelor contestant's biggest passions appears to be traveling. Her Instagram page is full of shots from everywhere from Seattle to New York City. If Arie's looking for a little more adventure in his life, then Marikh might just prove to be the woman he's looking for.

When ABC releases the bios for the 29 contestants for Arie's season of The Bachelor, there will no doubt be more information about Marikh for Bachelor Nation to discover. For now, this maybe-restaurant owner/possible branding maestro/model remains a bit of a mystery. However, she definitely seems like someone you would want to know — hey, anyone who appreciates brunch and the classic film Jawbreaker is probably a person you would want to be friends with, right?

Until more information becomes available, Marikh's mysterious job title is just one more thing for Bach fans to puzzle over. Arie's season doesn't start until 2018, but it's never too soon to start picking favorites. The former Bachelorette contestant has been waiting since 2012 for his chance to offer someone a rose, so curiosity about both Arie and the women that might finally give him a happily ever after is high.

Thanks to her career mystery, Marikh is already generating buzz. But no matter what she does for a living, she appears to be an adventurous person with an appreciation for the finer things in life — good food, good wine, and good friends. It won't be long until America will be able to see Marikh on television every week — and maybe then she can clear up this whole restaurant owner or branding wizard debate.