This Is How Saturn Retrograde Will Affect Your Sign This Month (And It's Not Looking Great)

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Retrogrades may make people's lives a bit more complicated, but there are times then they can be more-so positive than pesky transits. Especially when it comes to planets that aren't Mercury retrograding. Saturn is making its annual retrograde from Apr. 17 to Sep. 6. It would be wise to find out what Saturn Retrograde means for your sign before the planet begins its backwards retrograde spin.

I know that when I see the word "retrograde" sprawled across my monthly horoscope, my breath catches in my throat. Do we ever catch a break from planetary tailspins? Well, think about it this way: perhaps these retrogrades are the reason for your wisdom! Astrologically, retrogrades are all about reorganizing, redoing... re-everything. You know when you exit a train station and immediately follow the flow of the crowd, only to reach ground level and realize you're walking in the wrong direction? (I'm guilty of this everyday.) Retrograde is a time to slow down, reorient and restructure. All so you can avoid being swept away with the fast paced crowd in the future. This is especially true for Saturn's retrograde.

Saturn will turn retrograde in Capricorn and as a planet it typically rules, "rules responsibility, rules, limitation, authority," according to intuitive energy healer and holistic life coach Rebecca Conran's newsletter. Cafe Astrology explains, "the retrograde cycle becomes an opportunity period for review and reassessment. Attempts to reconnect with the purpose of our structures, limits, and duties can aid this process. Slowing down makes sense." Perhaps we will stumble upon frustrating delays. But instead of seeing it as a wrench in a plan, look at obstacles as opportunities to polish your work. So, let's all get our journals out, take a deep breath and enjoy the retrograde ride.


Ambitious Aries will, naturally, be focusing on their professional life. It's all about getting ahead. But with Saturn retrograde starting on Apr. 17, it might not be a terrible idea to take a look over where you are at in your career, or job, and re-organize. I'm not talking about just your desk, either! Calmly take a look at where you are and where you want to be. There's no point in stressing out!


Calculation is key as Saturn turns retrograde. When it comes to moving forward with plans for your future, you might want to craft plan B, or so advise the Astro Twins of AstroStyle. This retrograde is all about making sure a sturdy foundation is set before you build the staircase to reach for the stars.


Haven't peeked at your bank statement as of late out of fear? Take a deep breath and brave the decimals. During this retrograde AstroStyle predicts, "You could consolidate debt, pay off back taxes or dive into Investing 101." This is a good time to learn how to add some extra commas to that bank statement. But the Astro Twins caution Gems to be wary when it comes to risks.


It's all about learning the lessons, Cancer. The almighty Susan Miller of Astrology Zone writes, "Saturn will retrograde back to 25 degrees of Capricorn, so all Cancers born in June will be experiencing life lessons learned through partners or competitors." It may be a tough pill to swallow but you'll ultimately be strengthened from it and have a newly polished foundation to stand upon.


As Saturn turns retrograde, take a good look at your health. Are you stressing yourself into migraines? This might be a good time to figure out the source of any stress.


As I would advise everyday, the Astro Twins advise to "step back from situations that are fraught with drama" during Saturn retrograde. Now is the time to dig into a past project and really master it, detail it, make it sparkle. Put the work in at rehearsals and have a rewarding performance.


Have a new zip code on the mind? Zillow might not be churning up the right results as Saturn turns retrograde. Open the tab to a meditation playlist instead of a moving site. Even if you feel like you need to go ~right now~, it will serve you better to self reflect than make a major move.


What are the kids doing these days? A lot. And it might serve you will during Saturn's retrograde to stay up to date. AstroStyle says, "you might return to school for some certifications or new skills. The best way to stay relevant is by keeping your knowledge up-to-date — so sharpen those tools!" Now's the time to go back and see what you might've missed that can prove helpful in the construction of your future.


You're going to want to pace yourself when Saturn turns retrograde, Sagittarius. It could be tempting to check off all the tasks on your to do list in order to feel in control, but there is power in the unravel. Cafe Astrology says, "irritating delays or blocks may end up revealing better methods for getting to where you want to go." This is the perfect time to go over how your plans are structured and improve areas that might need some dusting.


Self care is the name of the game. Cafe Astrology predicts with Saturn's retrograde, "There can be reminders to take better care of yourself, follow the rules, be thorough, and take matters step by step so that you get things right." This is a good time to master a skill as to advance yourself once you got it on lock.


Things might surface with Saturn's retrograde that could feel uncomfortable. We might not always like what we see in the mirror but it's important to take a hard look. AstroStyle says, "A therapist or healer can help you through the process." Anytime you break through something holding you back, you're giving yourself the opportunity to leap forward.


It would be wise to instate a little more security when it comes to who is entering your inner circle. AstroStyle advises, "fortify the borders and don't be too quick to trust, even if you feel insta-BFF chemistry with someone." You know when something smells fishy, Pisces. Take it slow with new friends. Swim with your same old school of fish friends for the time being.