7 Things You're Not Supposed To Do During Saturn Retrograde
by Eliza Castile
Sky full of stars on a summer night
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Have you been feeling a little loose lately, like some heavenly father figure is on vacation? If you believe in astrology, it could be said you feel that way because Saturn went into retrograde on Apr. 6. While that's not as scary as, say, the prospect of Mercury retrograde, there are some things you should avoid during Saturn retrograde. Not that you let astrology rule your life or anything, but who wants to take unnecessary chances?

Saturn goes into retrograde every 12 months; in 2017, it began on Apr. 6 and lasts until Aug. 25. People love talking about retrograde planets (especially Mercury), but they rarely take the time to actually explain what it means — just that it's something important. The basic idea is that when a planet is retrograde, it appears to move in a different direction than normal. As NASA points out on its website, switching directions is physically impossible, but a planet can appear to do so thanks to the "relative positions of the planet and Earth and how they are moving around the Sun." In terms of astrology, that means the planet in question has a totally different influence than it usually does.

Normally, Saturn is something of a celestial disciplinarian in astrology. As Susan Miller explains on Astrology Zone, "This taskmaster planet... rules caution, delay, constriction, limitation, responsibility, rules and regulations, pain, fear, authority, discipline, control and denial." When it's retrograde, it's a time to reassess commitments and relationships.

But what are you supposed to avoid doing? Here are seven things not to do during Saturn retrograde.


Start A New Project

Normally, Saturn is all about getting stuff done. When the planet is in retrograde, however, starting a new project is a tall order. You can't exactly put your life on hold until August — Saturn won't return to its direct state until this fall — but until you get used to the new order of things, focus on your existing hobbies and work projects. Then you can get back to painting Obama riding a bald eagle into the sunset, or whatever it is kids do these days.


Take Unnecessary Risks

While Saturn direct is normally up in the stars, pressuring you to be your best self and drink responsibly and other adult things, Saturn in retrograde is totally different. According to astrologist Lynn Koiner, this usually manifests in the tendency to say yes to things you'd normally think twice about. Take the opportunity to relax a little, but maybe don't yes-man your way into jail or bankruptcy.


Bow To Authority

The most straight-laced (some might say constricted) of the planets, Saturn is usually associated with respect for authority. In retrograde, though, you may not feel the pressure to bow to authority figures. Maybe don't take this as a sign to quit spectacularly or leave a scathing voicemail for your boss, but you can definitely chill out a little.



According to most astrologists, it's hard to get actual work done while Saturn is in retrograde, although I doubt that's the kind of excuse your boss would accept. Because you won't have Saturn direct encouraging your endeavors, be sure not to wear yourself too thin. You'll need the extra energy.


Waste Money

Saturn is associated with responsibility, and now that it's in retrograde, you might be tempted to go the opposite direction and blow your money on things you don't actually need, especially if you just got your tax return. Here's a hint: Don't. You'll regret it later.


Disrespect Others

Saturn is considered the Lord of Karma, and there's a reason the adage "what goes around comes around" has persisted for so long. According to, karma gets sorted out when Saturn is in retrograde, so don't be a jerk. (Although you should be respectful to other people anyway -- just saying.)


Take Relationships For Granted

Venus is square to Saturn in April, which means you'll see some change in relationships. It's a vulnerable time of year, so be on your best behavior. Give each other space as needed, but don't take your loved ones for granted.