What Season You Thrive In Most, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As the year 2018 winds down and we transition through the fall, some of us may be feeling fatigued while others are feeling super rejuvenated.There may be a starry reason for all that — you may thrive in some seasons more than most, based on your zodiac sign.

Most of this is relevant to your birthday — the season you tend to love most will be the one that's happening during your special month. But on the other hand, there could be a deeper reason based on important aspects of your sign. Your soul is going to react differently based on your zodiac sign's element and its reaction to what the season brings (fire, water, earth, and air are more present during certain months), as well as playing into your zodiac sign's temperamental quality (cardinal, mutable, and fixed also represent parts of the season).

For certain signs, fall reminds us that winter is coming and it's the perfect time to curl up into a ball and dig into your subconscious — Scorpios and Sagittariuses can take note, as it's about to be your season in November and December.

Yet every sign has its own preferences, so let's take a look at which season is best for you.


The spring is the perfect time for you to thrive because it is at the start of "new life," aka the beginning of a bunch of transitions. You are a fire starter and can inspire the best in people — so whenever you think about such newness blooming around you, can't you feel your own cardinal fire self feeling fresh and appreciated? Put a spring back in your step today.


You're a responsible, comfortable soul, so for you, you want the most stable time of year to reflect how you feel. That is actually during your season, which reflects a happy medium between the spring ending and slowly getting warmer for the height of summer in May.


You're spontaneous and playful, and you want opportunities to go out and be free and about! You're a mutable sign that rests in the third house of communication, and for you, that perfect time between spring and summer is the time when people will want to join you on your next adventure. Go forth!


Every year, you're going to probably feel really open to the warm weather to match your agreeable persona. Cancer, be prepared to positively thrive during hotter times of year — your personality will feel as natural as the heat waves that everyone craves in the summer.


You love when it's swelteringly hot out too, and you're at your prime as the sun shines high in the sky. Even though it's not Leo season now, you still aim for maximal hotness out there. You are definitely one for enjoying the beach and places that let you bask and bathe in that natural light, so seek out the best time of year for that — August, the month of solar blessings.


You'll be best served when the air is crisper and cooling down — like right now. Historically, it's fall when people start planning ahead for the winter and shake off the haze of the peaceful summer. And you love a good attention-driven, detail-oriented mood ... so gotta love the fall!


You seek balance and you seek excitement, so make sure you're still making the most of your season when it comes. Remembering this time is always when people start to lock down their plans for the rest of the year, count their harvest and balance their priorities — and that's what you always are thinking about!


Thanksgiving season is the time for you to seek your thrills, as everyone reflects more on their lives and ideologies during that time. November is the dark time of year where people look for cuddles and comfort, but it might be the time for your fixed water sign self to go out and find new meaning in the eighth house of rebirth and regeneration.


You play with fire a lot, Sagittarius, so go outside when it's decently cold out, it doesn't mean that will stop you. It's winter when you let your adventurous side out as a new year is about to start. Your cardinal fire sign self is the philosophical one that gets things going! Utilize that, especially to keep yourself warm.


You love networking and climbing the social ladder, and it's no coincidence that January and the coldest time of year reflect a Capricorn's ambition. If you're all about planning a great New Year's resolution, you're in luck — your sign's birthday is in the month transitioning one year to the next, letting you handle the harsh climate with grace.


You're such a social butterfly, because of course being a fixed air sign with their eleventh house of friendships means you're always where the action is. And what better time to flit around when everyone has love on the brain in the spring? Plan a group bonding hangout, and let your freak flag fly even while it's cold out. The love will help ya stay warm.


You're at the end of the zodiac as things turn to the next phase. Pisces is the last, soothing soul sign before we are ushered into a new beginning. So it'll be cold out when you feel the season begin in February... but you're the old soul who understands that it's only a matter of time before things bloom. Ultimately, you stan for spring and knowing good things come to those who wait — and wait you will, for the flowers to bloom.