Here's How Many People Actually Have Sex On Their Wedding Night

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Is the honeymoon period really a non-stop sex fest — or is it true that the first year of marriage is actually the hardest? There are a lot of different myths about newly-married life, but a new survey from Zola, an online registry one-stop shop, gives some insight into what newlyweds are really getting up to in the bedroom. They asked 375 newlyweds about how much sex they're having, when they have it, and how much it's changed since they got married. And it turns out, that, even if their sex life is great, a lot of people don't start their married life off with a bang.

"Newlywed life is such a special time, but there's also a myth about the newlywed honeymoon stage," Jennifer Spector, Zola’s Newlywed-At-Large, tells Bustle. "The bottom line is that most couples live together before they get married, and they've probably been in the honeymoon stage for a while before they tie the knot. So, after the big day, it's usually back to normal life, and often other pressures can take hold." So, the first year of married life was, well, surprisingly not that different when it came to sex. If anything, there seemed to be added pressure for newlyweds that got in the way. Here's what the Zola survey found.


58% Had Sex On Their Wedding Night

Welp, I told you not everybody was starting off married life with a bang. Only 58 percent of people actually had sex on their wedding night. But is that really a surprise? You combine stress, alcohol, and exhaustion and they're probably just desperate to face-plant a bed. Sex can wait.


74% Did It The Day After

It turns out the day after you get married is actually a more popular for sex. Nearly three quarters — 74 percent — woke up the next day rearing to go.


72% Had Sex The Day They Got Engaged

The day you get engaged seems to be an amorous one too — 72 percent of people had sex on that day.


This Is The Main Thing Standing In The Way Of Sex For Newlyweds

When it came to why newlyweds weren't having sex, work was top of the list. Hey, long work hours can be a real mood killer.


Stress Also Stands In The Way

Besides working long hours, stress was another major factor in keeping people out of the bedroom. A stressful work environment was the second most common reason, followed by personal stress.


Most People Wanted More Sex With Their Partner

Sixty-two percent of people surveyed said they wish they were having more sex with their spouse. So the honeymoon period definitely isn't all sex all the time.


71% Said Sex Hasn't Really Changed Since Tying The Knot

Maybe they've been wanting more sex for a while though, because 71 percent said that their sex life is almost exactly the same as before they were married. The struggle continues.


Finding Time To Have Sex Is One Of The Top Stresses Of Being A Newlywed

The hardest part of being a newlywed? All the life admin that comes with it — like changing your name. But the sex issue was up there, too. The second hardest thing was finding time to have sex, so it's definitely on people's minds.


36% Of Newlyweds Schedule Sex

Yup, 36 percent of newlyweds schedule some sex into their lives. It may not sound sexy but it's efficient — and there's nothing wrong with it if that's what works for your relationship.

Getting married may be a big show of romance, but these numbers show that newlyweds struggle as much as anyone to find enough time to have sex. Stress is always going to be there, so it's important to make sure you're putting enough time aside to unwind.