Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick Range Is Getting A Major Refresh

Urban Decay expanded its Vice Lipstick range, which was revamped with 100 shades and new packaging in 2016, earlier this year with the launch of Vice Liquid Lipsticks. Now, the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick collection is getting a refresh.

Already? Yes. But don't panic, Beauty Junkies, lipstick lovers and Vice vixens. It's not another makeover. It's an upgrade and an expansion.

How are the Urban Decay Vice lippies changing? Well, there are new shades on the horizon. What colors are being added? Well, the brand took to its official Instagram to offer a tease of 15 lipsticks.

The accompanying image featured blues, pinks, nudes, neutrals, and more, in a variety of finishes and textures. I see matte. I see shimmer. I can't quite tell if all of the bullets are new colors or not. Perhaps the brand mixed some new and old shads in this photo? But I am thinking they are all new.

All that matters is that Urban Decay is increasing the shade options in the Vice collection. With 100 colors, there is already a massive assortment and something for everyone. Now there are even more somethings.

Allow your eyes to wander south to enjoy a look at these beautiful hues.

Can you handle it or do you need a minute to gather your emotions?

Because one tease is never enough.

Courtesy of Urban Decay

Here is the current shade range. All of the bullets in the 15-shade teases look new to me. What do you think, UD obsessives?

As if the Vice range wasn't already gorg enough!

The brand did not share exactly when the shade expansion is happening or when the new hues will be available for purchase. Be patient and keep following their social media hints.

UD devotees are already in.

I have to agree with the commenter here who notes that Urban Decay is returning to its roots with adventurous colors. That's how and where it built its rep as an edgy beauty brand. The spark and sass remains.

The UD Vice lippies come in the following finishes: Mega Matte, which is a super-intense; Comfort Matte, which is incredibly creamy; Cream, which is creamy and luxe, as its name suggests; Metallized, which is cream x pearl; and Sheer, which is pigment with a sheer, shiny finish.