The 10 Gifts That Couples Most Regret Not Adding To Their Wedding Registry

beautiful mixed couple of newlyweds

When your in the midst of planning your wedding, it can seem impossible to decide what to put on your wedding registry.

A 2019 survey conducted online by Falls Communications on behalf of Erie Insurance asked 500 American people between the ages of 28 and 40 about the gifts they wished that they added to their wedding registries, and the results might surprise you. From lawn equipment to bread makers, their responses are sure to give you ideas about what to add to your own.

First of all, think about the future as well as what you need right now. "Register for the home you would like to grow into," Lindsay Jani, a wedding planner, event and creative director, and owner of Simply Sunshine Events, tells Bustle. "You may be in your starter or forever home, but we always recommend registering for items you may need not only in the short-term, but in the long-term as well."

It's also a good strategy to think big. While you might feel like you can only put a few things on your registry, you definitely don't need to. "It's OK if you feel like you're over-registering," Alyssa Longobucco, senior style and planning editor at The Knot, tells Bustle. "Don't worry about having more gifts than the number of people on your guest list, in fact it actually gives your guests various options to choose from in a variety of price ranges," she says.

Here are some wedding gifts that people wish they had asked for, according to the survey results.


A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


When you're brainstorming for your wedding registry, you probably don't immediately think about cleaning products. But maybe you should, according to the survey results. 58% of respondents wished they had registered for a robotic vacuum cleaner (like a Roomba), making this the top response. If you really think about it though, it makes sense. Having a product to clean your floors for you gives you more time to spend with your partner.


Air Fryer

48% of the survey respondents said they wished they'd registered for an air fryer. If you and your partner are fans of fried food but don't necessarily have the time or bottle upon bottle of oil to make your favorite foods nice and crispy, this is the perfect kitchen product to try out. Simply dump in anything from tofu to broccoli to potatoes and within minutes, you'll have a tasty meal to enjoy together.


Lawn Equipment

If you and your partner live in a city apartment, you probably don't need to register for a lawnmower, edger, or power washer. But 47% of people in the Erie Insurance survey put these items on their list of what they should have asked wedding guests to give them. If you have grass to maintain, whether it's a little patch or a sprawling yard, having handy tools to keep everything looking nice might be more valuable than you realize.


Food Saver/Vacuum Seal System


You might assume that vacuum sealers are the kind of tool you only see professional chefs using on Food Network, but according to 38% of the survey respondents, this handy kitchen appliance is something that would have been really helpful to receive at their wedding. Just think about all of the food you'd save by being able to store things in an airtight space instead of in a large Tupperware container or a plastic sandwich bag. And saving food means saving money.


Barbecue Grill

Barbecuing is the perfect way to celebrate warm summer nights, but you don't have to only bring out your grill during a few months of the year. 37% of the survey respondents said that this tool would have been nice to receive. You can make so many delicious dishes on a grill, from veggies to meats to tasty grilled fruits, so this is one gift that can bring you and your new married partner joy year-round.



Whether you and your partner have traveled all over the world together already or you're just starting to dream about the international adventure that you want to take as a married couple, having a nice, dependable set of suitcases can make the journey a little easier. 34% of the survey respondents wished that they'd registered for a good luggage set to bring along on their excursions, so if you and your partner have the travel bug, this might be one to add to your own registry.


Bread Maker


If you're a carb lover, you know that there's nothing more comforting than a warm slice of freshly baked bread. You could travel to a bakery in your city to pick up a loaf or you could make the bread varieties of your dreams right in your kitchen — no tedious kneading required. According to 31%, of the survey respondents, this was one item that they really should have added to their registry, and it's easy to understand why. Fresh bread with minimal work is basically a dream come true.


Stand Mixer

27% of the survey respondents put a stand mixer on their list of products that they think they should have registered for. If you've ever tried to whip cream by hand, mix up a tough dough, or cream butter and sugar, you know how valuable this kitchen tool can be. Even if you and your partner bake every once in a while, a stand mixer can be a very helpful addition to your wedding registry.


Food Processor

Whether you and your partner swoon for homemade pesto or love using chopped veggies in your stir fry mixes, a food processor is a great addition to your collection of kitchen tools. In response to the survey, 26% of people asked said that they wished they'd added this useful tool to their own wedding registries, so if you're brainstorming equipment to ask for to help you make your favorite recipes, this is a great option.




Have you ever been assembling a new piece of furniture only to realize that the instructions require you to have a variety of screw drivers or wrenches? In the middle of a frustrating build is not the time to have to run out for a tool kit, which probably explains why 26% of the survey respondents said that they wish they'd put tools on their wedding registry.

If you and your partner are having trouble figuring out what to register for, consider taking these regrets into consideration. You just might find out how incredible having a stand mixer or an air fryer really is.