Here’s How The Summer Solstice Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The summer solstice falls June 21, 2018 — aka the longest day of the year. Scientifically speaking, the summer solstice is when the Earth is at its highest position in the sky as seen from the North Pole — as the Earth rotates, the sun shines down longer due to its positioning. However, while the technical explanations of this seasonal event are important, you'll want to know what the summer solstice means for your sign, because with a celestial giant so close to the Earth, you better believe you're going to feel it.

Astrology is based on the concept that the movements of the cosmos around us directly influences our fundamental being and the natural events on Earth. So while the placement of the planets and stars at our time of birth might have shaped us into the people we are today, aka, given us our sign, the movement of the planets and stars continues to affect and influence us, even as we are our defined selves. So when the sun is close to the Earth, we might feel the influence of its energy, in the same way that when the sun is far form the Earth, we might feel the absence of its energy. So its no surprise that astrologists believe that the summer solstice has a huge impact on each sign.

Each year, the summer solstice kicks off Cancer season, which not only means Happy Birthday to your crabby friends, but it also means that in addition to being under the influence of the sun's close proximity, we're all going to be under the influence of Cancer, too. With the sun bringing out the masculine qualities in us, and Cancer brining out the feminine qualities in us, we're all going to undergo a bit of a balancing act. I talked to astrologist Linda Furiate about how the summer solstice will affect each sign more specifically, and here's what she predicts:


Furiate tells Bustle, "Aries may feel the pressure of family obligations as the summer begins. A parent may require their attention, and they may also encounter an unexpected home repair." So whatever you have planned, leave a little room for family stuff, just in case. At the very least, check in with your family before you make big plans!


Furiate tells Bustle, "Taurus may find joy in travel as the summer kicks off. A possibility may be to attend a sibling’s graduation or to celebrate with old familiar faces from your childhood." Looks like you're about to get a good dose of nostalgia. Even if you've moved on in separate directions, be grateful for the friends you had when you were younger, they shaped you into the person you are today.


Furiate tells Bustle, "Gemini may feel the heat with a strong need to forego heading off on vacation. Time spent utilizing their talent and natural resources may pay off handsomely." You've got the whole summer to travel, just stay put for a few days and get things done, it will end up feeling better than a vacation.


Furaite tells Bustle, "Happy solstice to Cancer! This is the time of year for renewal and new beginnings. Time spent on a sandy beach surrounded by family may give cause for major celebration." In essence, keep things casual, spend time outside and get grounded. Now is a great time to reconnect to the natural world and yourself.


Furiate tells Bustle, "Leo may marvel in the idea of blasting off to a faraway place to wine and dine like a royal. This is the time of year where Leo may rather be pampered then seen in the limelight." Aka, if you have a Leo friend or partner, you're going to have to give them some *extra* treatment.


Furiate tells Bustle, "Virgo may find themselves involved in multiple projects that keep them on the move. Networking with like-minded colleagues and friends may have them thankfully evaluating every moment." In other words, Virgos are not clocking out for their summer vacations just yet, they're feeling more drawn to the office than the beach, and that's OK!


Furiate tells Bustle, "Libra may be rewarded with a big career opportunity around the summer solstice. All work and no play may pay off with a sweet deal from a former business partner." So get ready to celebrate Libra, you worked really hard and it's finally all paying off!


Furiate tells Bustle, "This may be the time of year for Scorpio to get serious about attending a class or seminar to advance their education. A trip abroad may offer an excellent experience to expand and deepen their knowledge." So Scorpio, if you've been curious about something, now is a great time to follow your curiosity. Expanding your knowledge might even redirect the course of your life.


Furiate tells Bustle, "Sag is all about adventure. The summer solstice, is a turning point in the year, and it may offer this explorer an exciting occasion to deepen their desire to expand their vision of how to heal the soul and strengthen their version of the truth." Basically, go on an adventure that's focused on discovering yourself. The world outside can wait.


Furiate tells Bustle, "A personal or professional partnership may consume much of Capricorns time in the coming weeks. Use this energy to broaden your success and heighten your cherished commitments to others." You pride yourself on your personal relationships, Cap, so apply those people person skills to the rest of your life and see where it takes you.


Furiate tells Bustle, "Aquarians may feel an urge to devise a new strategy to accomplish a health and wellness goal and desire. Knowledge of a novel scientific study or breakthrough may encourage Aquarius to shift their thinking that my boost their viability." I guess Aquarians are going to fall into a Netflix food doc web hole this week.


Furiate tells Bustle, "Pisces may feel a strong maternal allure to spend time with a child or dabble in a creative project. Time spent near a scenic body of water may inspire Pisces to deepen their connection to infinite possibilities that signify true love." Combine both interests and get in touch with your youthful creative energy. Sign up for a pottery class or go kayaking with friends just like you did at camp when you were younger.