Here's Exactly When You Can Get Your Hands On Kim K's Newest Beauty Product

Kim Kardashian has been busy building her makeup empire, releasing contour and highlighting sticks, chic crystal-inspired perfumes, and metallic-hued pigments and glosses. The beauty world has been patiently waiting to see what she would drop next, speculating if she will expand more into skin products. Not one to disappoint, the beauty mogul did and announced that she will be releasing her new KKW Beauty Concealer Kits.

This product has been a long time coming. Last summer when she released her contour kits, she teased that she was also working on under eye products. But since then, there hasn't been any new information released on the mystery project. That is, until now.

Now the wait is finally over, and Kardashian herself revealed exactly when the KKW Beauty Concealer Kits come out in an exclusive interview with Allure.

Much like the recent Becca Bright Eye Collection released two months ago that cooled, brightened, and hid your undereyes, KKW's kit will be a three-piece collection that will brighten any discoloration while simultaneously hiding your bags. It took Kardashian nearly a year to formulate and perfect, and she created completely different undereye solutions.

Her mantra (and the hashtag she's been using for the collection) is #ConcealBakeBrighten. The kit includes a liquid concealer and two powders — one to bake your concealer with, and one to brighten. She specifically chose these three steps because that's the routine she and her long-time makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, have perfected and used over the years.

"That's been our routine, so I really wanted to stick with that and have people understand that it's an easy three steps," she told Allure.

For the concealer, she wanted to make sure it did double duty for the wearer, where it didn't just hide imperfections but also actively helped to restore the skin it covered. On top of that, she also wanted to make sure the formula would avoid any creasing — which is a pet peeve for many makeup lovers who test-drive new concealers.

"Not only did I want to make sure there were some ingredients to treat the signs of aging like ceramides and marine collagen, but I also wanted a blendable product that you could really build to achieve that lighter undereye effect without the concealer creasing.," she shared with Allure.

The liquid concealers will be available in 16 different shades, and the Brightening and Baking powders will be available in four different shades each. To apply the kit, you would first start with the Liquid Concealer, dabbing it on top of your bags. Afterwards you would move on to baking with the loose Baking Powder, which comes in color correcting shades like Pale Yellow, Pastel Pink, and Bronze. Then to make sure your under eye doesn't end up looking too flat and matte, you use the Brightening Powder to lighten up your eyes, which comes in Vanilla, Peach, Pastel Pink, and Pale Yellow.

If you're excited to try it, then you're in luck because you don't have too long to wait. According to the KKW Beauty website, the kits will launch on Mar. 23 at 12 p.m. PT on, and seeing how most of her products sell out within 24-hours, you'll need to mark that day on your calendar if you plan to buy it in time.

The prices of the products are mid-range, where you could buy the kit as a bundle for $80, which will include all three products plus two dual-ended brushes, or you can buy each product separately for $18 each. If you wage a daily war with your bags, then this could be the kit you were waiting for!