The New KoKo Kollection Restock Is Happening Super Soon

Kylie Cosmetics may be the brand most well-known for their sell-out products. From lip kits to holiday collections, Kylie Jenner certainly knows how to create a popular product, and now she's done it again with sister Khloe Kardashian. The new KoKo Kollection restock is officially happening, and it's just further proof that Jenner and her cosmetics line know how to create must have products, and they make them well.

According to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, the first restock of the KoKo Kollection is scheduled for today, Wednesday, June 7 at 3pm PT. That means you don't have long at all to wait before you can try to get your hands on the stunning collection crafted by Jenner and sister Khloe Kardashian. With four brand new lippies and a pressed powder palette with two highlighters, a bronzer, and a blush, the collection is a great representation of both sisters. Fans certainly seemed to think so.

The collection was actually a service to fans in a certain sense. Jenner admitted on her Snapchat account that because the first KoKo Kollection did so well, they decided to bring back a brand new version. Clearly, she and Kardashian didn't underestimate fans' love of the first collection as the second has been sold out for some time now.

Fans who love the old KoKo Kollection — and the single lip kits that were released after its launch — are getting even more with its new iteration. Like the first collection, the new KoKo Kollection features four all new lippies, but Jenner and Kardashian added a pressed powder palette that looks stunning.

As for the price, the four set of lippies runs fans $40 as will the pressed powder palette. For fans who want both, they can score at $5 discount by snagging the bundle for $75.

If you want to snag the new Kylie Cosmetics KoKo Kollection during its restock, tune in to the brand's website at 3pm PT, and you may just be able to finally get your hands on this stunning collection of products.