8 Items To Put On Your Summer Sexual Bucket List Right Now


Some of us have bucket lists of things we want to do before we die, but there's also another, less macabre kind of bucket list: a sexual bucket list. Since it's a good time to get outside and go on vacation, why not make a list of things to do in bed (or on the beach, or in the hot tub) before the summer ends? Chances are you and your partner will return to work with a newfound bond.

"Like with most things in life, challenging our comfort zones can be a healthy way to grow and learn about ourselves — and that includes sex!" sex educator Anne Hodder tells Bustle. "Bringing adventure into the bedroom can be a fun and exciting way to learn more about what turns you (or your partner) on and introduce you to experiences and activities that you might never have thought to try. This kind of exploration is also an effective way to build intimacy and connection with a partner; learning, experimenting, and challenging your comfort zones together puts you both on the same team and gives you a chance to bond over trying something new or unconventional together."

If that's what you're looking for, here are some items you should put on your sexual bucket list this summer.


Public Sex

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Some people fantasize about public sex because it feels transgressive, and the risk of getting caught gives them a rush. Others are exhibitionists who want to be admire while they get it on. You can fulfill this fantasy at a local sex club or a sex-themed resort. Hedonism II’s nude pool and Romping Shop in Jamaica exist for this purpose. If you're shy about public sex, you may not be after seeing a bunch of other couples having it.


A Sex Tape

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Another way to fulfill your exhibitionist fantasies is to star in your own X-rated video. You can incorporate the creation of a sex tape into a vacation at Desire Riviera Maya, a clothing-optional, couples-only resort in Mexico, where you can get a videographer to create a professional video of you two getting it on. You don't ever need to show it to anyone. It can be your little secret.


The Mile High Club


There's something exhilarating about sex on a plane. But doing it on any old plane can get you in trouble (it's happened!). For a safer alternative, rent a private plane via Love Cloud and have all the high-altitude sex you want. It comers with red satin sheets an a custom foam mattress. And don't worry — the pilot has noise-cancelling headphones and is behind a secured curtain door.


Sex Under A Waterfall


There's something primal about being out in nature when you're doing the deed. It brings out your animal instincts and passions. Combine that with the beauty of a waterfall, and you'll have sex that goes down in both your memories as superlative. For a waterfall you'll never forget, visit Tabacon in Costa Rica.


Sex Overlooking The Eiffel Tower


Take a romantic trip to the city of love, and while you're at it, get it on in La Suite Shangri-La at Shangri-La Paris, which gives you a bird’s-eye view of not only the Eiffel Tower but also the Grand Palais, Notre Dame, and more.


Sex In A Jacuzzi


Nothing screams "summer" like sex in a hot tub. But be warned: Though the movies may make jacuzzi sex out to be the pinnacle of summer sexual experiences, it can lead to vaginal infections or rashes if you're not careful. Plus, water can wash off natural lubrication. So, not all kinds of hot tub sex are created equal, but safer bets may be getting oral on the edge of the tub while your partner's inside it or leaning against the jets while your partner fondles you from behind.


Sex On The Beach


This sex act is so popular, there's a drink named after it. But often, there are some logistical obstacles (like laws, for instance) to acting it out. To make sure you won't get in trouble for romping on the sand, do it at a resort that tolerates public sex, like Desire or Hedonism II.


A Couples' Massage

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Getting a massage together as a couple will not only give you the relaxation that a regular massage does but also get you excited to be the ones touching each other.

These possibilities should give you plenty of reasons to look forward to summer this year — or any season, really, because there's no wrong time to go on a sexcapade.