What To Write In A Card For Father's Day If You're Totally Stuck

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Listen, I love my dad. But every year I have the same issue on Father's Day: Once I get past that "Dear Dad, Happy Father's Day, I love you," I'm tapped. I literally have no idea what else you're supposed to write in a Father's Day card. "I hope it's the best one yet"? "You're still my favorite dad"? Why are there no obvious things to say beyond that? And the worst part is, my dad is really sentimental. He keeps all of my cards on his work desk. So I can very easily see the procession of cards that all say the same exact thing with varying exclamation points and hearts.

At some point, I started writing in script because I thought that signified being an adult. Then later on I transitioned back to my regular chicken scratch because it seemed more authentic. In some cards I write with highlighters because that's all I could find. Other times I wrote with a pen that lost ink halfway through the card so you could tell when a cleaner line takes over. I mean, this collection of cards on my father's desk is pretty pathetic.

So this year, I'm doing my research. I'm going to start thinking about what to say before Father's Day so that my dad can get the card he deserves. You know, the one that doesn't seem like a mindless afterthought? If you too struggle with finding the right thing to say and a blank card scares the crap out of you, these are some sayings you might want to consider borrowing.

"Thanks for all the sacrifices you make for us."

"You're in all of my favorite memories."

"I become more grateful every year for all of your guidance, as it continues to steer me in the right direction."

"The older I get, the more I realize how selfless you have to be to be a good father. I don't know how you did it, but I'm grateful for it every day."

"Each year, it becomes more and more clear how lucky I am to have you as my role model."

"I will always strive to be the kind of teacher and leader that you were for me."

"I used to worry about turning into my parents, now I hope I do."

"Thank you for always believing me and making my life feel important."

"You are so much more than a parent to me. You are my inspiration and friend."

"It's easy to get swept up in the little things, but know that I never lose sight of how much of a positive force you've been in my life."

"I am who I am because I am your daughter. And I am so proud to be."

"I see you."