Here's How The Finale Will Likely Play Out After That Bananas 'Bachelor' Twist

Eric McCandless/ABC/Eric McCandless/ABC

To say that Colton's overnight dates went off the rails this week on The Bachelor would be the understatement of the year. It's hard to succinctly summarize exactly what mayhem was unleashed tonight, but I'll do my best, especially as we all frantically wonder — what will happen in The Bachelor season finale? Has this even ever happened before? As Colton takes things into his own hands, the season seem to be following a format viewers have really never seen.

On this week's Fantasy Suite dates, all hell breaks loose when it comes to Cassie. Her father shows up — in Portugal — just before she's about to embark on her overnight date. After she speaks with him, she's got serious doubts about whether she can end up getting engaged at the end of this whole shebang. She decides to send herself home, and after a lengthy conversation in which Colton tells her that he "wants it to be her at he end of this," she leaves!

Women eliminating themselves from The Bachelor is nothing new — we've seen it a few times this season — but it's pretty unheard of at this stage of the competition. Even more unexpected, though, is Colton's choice to tell Cassie before the finale that he's basically ready to choose her. And as if this weren't all bananas enough, following Cassie's departure, Colton rips off his mic, says he's done, and finally jumps that damn fence. Credits roll, and now here we sit, shook.

So what happens now? Will the season end? Will there be a rose ceremony even though Colton has already essentially said he wants Cassie more than he wants the other women? Will he go after her? Will producers correct the sins of their pasts, and start the entire season over again with Wills as Bachelor? In reality, no one knows — though admittedly that last one feels like a stretch. It's basically anarchy at this point. Colton has a lot of thinking to do — probably while showering, if this season has taught us anything.

It feels unlikely that he'll simply continue with the remaining women like he did after Elyse or Heather self-eliminated. They're too far along for that now, and he made a pretty huge statement when he told Cassie he was in love with her and wanted her as his endgame. It feels like he has to try and get Cassie back, or at least tell Tayshia and Hannah that he can't be with them. Tayshia and Hannah will know after the whole Cassie debacle that they're not his first choice, anyway, and neither of them deserve that. I'm going to make a bet that they do some sort of catch up episode with him (and maybe Cassie and the women) next week for the season finale. They have to do something right? But at this point it doesn't feel like a rose ceremony or proposal is in the stars, but I'm just guessing here.

If Cassie isn't ready for marriage, she also shouldn't be forced into it! If she felt unsure enough to leave, it doesn't feel like a big televised statement from Colton is going to be enough to reel her back in.

It's in times like these when I desperately hope the people of The Bachelor don't let the daunting commitment of a full-fledged engagement discourage them from being with the one they love. If Colton and Cassie love each other, but she doesn't feel ready for marriage (like most 23-year-olds), just ride into the sunset without a ring!

They have the chance to be together in their own way, even if it doesn't conform to the boundaries set by the show. And if that's what they decide is best for them, I hope they take it.