What The House Of Evangelista Breakup On 'Pose' Means For Blanca & Her Kids

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Spoilers ahead for Pose Season 2, Episode 8. This week’s episode walloped fans with a rollercoaster ride of happy moments, shocking revelations, and intense drama. The joy from Damon’s dance school graduation and Angel’s Bebe spread in a magazine quickly dissolved into a war of words (and nearly fists) that has forever changed this tight-knit family. Now, upset and confused fans are wondering what will happen to the House of Evangelista on Pose after Damon, Papi, and Angel all moved out.

Damon and Angel’s tension over her drug usage came to a head during a dinner with Papi, Blanca, Pray Tell, Elektra, and Lulu to celebrate his recent graduation. Angel, who was clearly under the influence, started throwing unnecessary shade at Damon over the potential of his dance career while bragging about her own modeling accomplishments.

Damon tried to brush off the comments, but he eventually got upset and fired back by spilling all the tea about Angel using cocaine, Ricky's HIV status, and Pray Tell, who is seen as an elder, sleeping with Ricky (wait, what?), which led into several explosive arguments between everyone in the room. The drama happened very fast and left everyone, including viewers, shook at how things went left field.

Angel eventually admits to using drugs and tells Blanca that she and Papi will take care of each other at their new place. It’s a heartbreaking moment for Blanca, who admittedly holds Angel to a different standard because she is her only daughter. Blanca and Damon reconcile as he reveals that he secured a spot-on Malcolm McLaren’s lengthy European tour. She’s happy to see her son’s success, but is reminded by Elektra that children who don’t grow strong enough to move away are just parasites and she will find more children to raise.

In the end, the Evangelista kids wish each other well and Blanca sits at her dining room table as an empty nester.

Pose is returning for Season 3, per Variety, and there are still two episodes left in Season 2. So this story is far from over but it’s still troubling to see Blanca without her kids and at odds with Pray Tell.

No one knows if this family will ever live under the same roof again but here’s a few guesses on how everyone’s story could play out:


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Blanca will likely reconcile her friendship with Pray Tell. They have been through too much together and are both pillars in their community. She will need his support as she continues to take care of her health, run her business, and possibly adopt new children into her house. Blanca’s house likely won’t be at the balls any time soon since she’s alone now, but maybe she can make an appearance with Papi and Angel when they aren’t busy living the fast life.

Pray called her out on shying away from romantic relationships, so perhaps Season 3 will lead to Blanca finding love. And, she will probably have to intervene in Angel’s life to help her from further spiraling out of control. There’s so much left for Blanca to do and, like Elektra said, she must keep changing the world because she is a mother.


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Unless something drastic happens on tour, Damon will be MIA for the remainder of this season. The tour is expected to last at least a year or more, but there's a chance that next season will do another time jump.

Damon and Blanca have become such a dynamic mom-son duo, so he will surely be back to visit his mother and perhaps help her with any new lost children that she has adopted into the Evangelista fold. There’s a lot of potential with this character to become a major choreographer/dance instructor and maybe even become a house father one day, so Damon’s journey can’t be done yet.

Angel & Papi

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Right now, Angel’s future is looking troublesome. She’s achieving all her dreams, but her drug usage is starting to affect her personal relationships. If she continues to go down this path, it could lead to many things — her tragic demise, the end of her relationship, and possibly the end of her career. Papi will probably stick by her side for a while, but there’s always the chance that she could push him away or move on to a new relationship with someone in her industry.

If they do break up, Papi will likely revert back to his life of isolation on the streets. They both honestly need Blanca's guidance to keep them on track so anything could happen now that they are on their own.

Angel is on good terms with Blanca, but that could also change when Blanca eventually decides to intervene in her life. Hopefully, Angel will be able to fulfill Blanca’s wishes of taking over Evangelista as the mother and live a long, healthy life.

The House of Evangelista may not be on the ballroom floor any time soon but their bond is so much more than winning trophies. This family is going their separate ways for now, but love will always keep them together through fights, hard times, and painful truths.