This Will Be Your Biggest Challenge In 2018, Based On Your Sign

At the start of each month I study my monthly horoscope prediction like it's an ancient treasure map. So you can imagine that when forecasts for the year ahead are published, I'm pretty much reading that map like I'm Indiana Jones. Adventure is ahead, and of course, some obstacles (I mean, when is Mercury not threatening to retrograde?). So, you'll want to know what your biggest challenge will be in 2018 based on your sign so that you can get a head start on working around or with the obstacles we're all bound to face in the new year.

The general good news is that horoscopes don't exactly dictate your life. Even if the year ahead looks bumpy, it might not be that bad, or even fully come to fruition. Free will is a thing, people! So, don't get down on yourself or fear the entry into a new year. Hey, challenges are what leads to personal strength, right? Conquering the obstacles leads to a spot in the winner's circle. Facing what any particular challenges can be is a smooth way to get a peek ahead of the curve and make these planetary alignments work for you.

Astrologers are predicting that 2018 is going to be an energetic year of "fun and progress," according to Hey, no pain or gain, right?


The year ahead is all about progressing into a better, stronger, more unbreakable you in all aspects of your life from social circles to career. While this seems reason alone to pop the champagne bottle a little early, astrologers point out a few areas to look out for.

Cafe Astrology explains that while your career may be transforming, "There can be tests to your level of expertise, and possibly even exposure of your areas of weakness. Treat these as challenges to improve. Changes may seem more challenging in November when you can be distracted and possibly overwhelmed by your attention to studies, projects, and personal interests."

Stay calm, Aries! You're the most independent of the zodiac and with a strong support system in 2018 to boot. Any challenges you face will be conquered swiftly.


Got love on the brain and dating apps on your phone? Taurus' will see a heavier focus on partnerships and relationships this year, so get your fingers amped to swipe. While these partnerships may see a positive strengthening in the year to come — whether on a business or romantic level — there are aspects to look out for.

Cafe Astrology points out that Taurus, "may be attracting partners who are more concerned with freedom than with pairing, or who seem to be quite extravagant or full of themselves." I'm not even a Taurus, but we can all agree that statement deserves a collective and exasperated sigh-grunt. And if not romantic, partnerships can be tested due to difficulty merging assets and dealing with power dynamics.

Don't lose faith altogether though. These are challenges that can be worked through in 2018, that could also potentially strengthen your relationships in the long run.


All work and no play makes Gemini ... totally fine, actually. Gem, you're naturally all over the place but 2018 is forecasted to bring a tide of work opportunities that'll require you take time to play. While all this new opportunity is exciting, because what Gemini likes to idle, astrologers suggest you might become overwhelmed easily. encourages Geminis to "promote yourself a bit less in the spring, and refine your presentation. Take fewer risks in the summer, and have more fun. In late autumn, ponder some recent big lessons and apply them more wisely." With work engagements marking up most of your calendar, you'll want to take time for yourself, and your social circles in order to not short circuit while you work the circuit.


The crab of the zodiac might want to spend quality time in her or his shell, but the stars have other plans. predicts that "A lunar eclipse in January with the moon in Leo could thrust you further into the spotlight than you'd like. No matter. It's a growing experience that shows you how to better take charge and act with authority." It's time to find a little comfort in attention.

It seems that any obstacles you encounter through the year will make for a more successful and knowledgeable future for the crab.


The focus is on your domestic space in 2018, Leo! While you could be making good moves, literally, you'll need to keep your eye on your wallet. You can build a dream home on Pinterest but you might not have the bank account to back it quite yet.

Cafe Astrology says, "Excessive money spent on home improvement, too much emphasis on the home to the point that other areas of your life suffer, or some unwillingness to expand your horizons." Don't go crazy at HomeGoods. And even though it's great to get cozy at home, don't stay in every night to the point that your social life dissolves. Set up your space to be a peaceful abode, but do leave from time to time for your own benefit!


We all know that Virgo is queen when it comes to organizing. And organize you will in 2018. There are lots of opportunities and projects to take on in the coming year. But Cafe Astrology cautions, "taking on too many daily activities, communications, new interests, and learning endeavors or studies can be a problem now. Don’t overload your plate."

You're the first in the zodiac to neatly organize all your budding activities into time efficient slots. Just look out for going overboard. There are 365 days in the year. This is surely enough time to get everything you'd like to get done, done.

Libra predicts that this is your year, so get ready to shine. But they also forecast that, "the Mars retrograde from late June through late August could delay or redirect career plans, but it will end with a more stable career trajectory."

Sometimes it's good to think about delays as a chance to catch up or more time to fine tune the small details of what it is exactly that you'd like to have happen. Make the most of these delays and redirection as you'll probably end up in a position you could have never imagined you'd enjoy so much.


Scorpio is an intense sign and with the sun conjoining with Pluto, you could "scare people away" according to Don't worry, the planets align in your favor making for a popular year ahead.

There is one thing in particular to note, however. Mercury will go retrograde three times this year. In fire signs. And the third one might actually affect you the most "probably in your social or educational life." Hey, we've all gotten through many Mercury in retrogrades before. suggests, "Be more thoughtful in your career efforts, and emerge in September ready to set the world back on fire!"


This is a good year to look within yourself for spiritual growth. But don't get too deep to the point of existential crisis. Cafe Astrology points out that your biggest challenge could be escapism. Cafe Astrology says, "You might often be tempted to escape your everyday responsibilities and challenges, and should avoid reliance on drugs, drinking, or other “glamorous” forms of escape."

This is because of Jupiter's influence magnifying some issues in your past. It could get uncomfortable, but ultimately it's for the best. If it starts to feel overwhelming, a quick 10 minute desk meditation is a good way to release any sudden anxiety.


There's an emphasis on accomplishing, or getting closer to accomplishing, your ~hopes and dreams~ in 2018. You might be bestowed upon with new working relationships and partnerships that'll grow your sense of venture and self. Just, take a deep breath Capricorn. I know you're one of the hardest working in the zodiac but you don't have to constantly prove that.

Cafe Astrology notes, "over-emphasis on activities that take you away from your practical responsibilities, too often. There may be challenges related to home and family, and problems funding your dreams and plans." Take it easy and take it as it comes. Pick an avenue that leads to your dreams and focus in on that, not all the other routes you can take.


There are a lot of changes coming your way, Aquarius. Which could be uncomfortable at first, as changes tend to be, but ultimately they're for the best, as changes tend to be.

Your ruling planet is Uranus and it's "making a slow transition back and forth from Aries into Taurus in May, then moving retrograde back into Aries in November. The most fundamental changes to your daily life could begin to happen this year." But this will lead to success. suggests that if you take these changes seriously you'll see good things in your near future.


There is a lot to expand on in 2018 and it seems like it's going to be an adventurous year for the fish. But before you get going traveling the world, renewing your passport and filling your Instagram with stories you've gathered, there are some things to watch out for.

Cafe Astrology says, "You are in the limelight in some way during this cycle. Although it’s a great period for expansion and recognition on a professional level, and you should take advantage of it, choose your projects carefully. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Watch also for gossip or mishandling of information. Be wary of situations that could get blown out of proportion or misunderstood." Proceed with caution, but most definitely proceed into the spotlight!