Here’s What Your Hands & Fingers Can Predict About Your Love Life, According To A Palm Reader

by Kristine Fellizar
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Palm reading is a pretty fascinating art. You may not think all the numerous lines, shapes, crosses, and branches on your hand have any real meaning to it, but they may indicate something greater about your life. If you're looking for some guidance in your love life, a quick glance at your hand can help you find what you really need in a relationship in order to be happy. And yes, this can help you figure out what your partner or potential partner needs as well.

"A palm reader can look at someone’s palms in five to seven minutes and quickly determine many of their character traits, talents (hidden and visible), what they have done with them, and what changes they can make in their life in order to be happy," psychic and spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport tells Bustle. When it comes to love, there are a few things that can quickly give you insight into your needs so you can find a happy relationship with another person without needing to do a ton of deep analysis.

According to Rappaport, characteristics like length, shape, thickness of your fingers and nails, and the raised areas or "mounts" of your palms rarely ever change. But based on the choices you make throughout your life, the lines in your hand will change from time to time.

"The major hand, the hand people use to write with, will show the choices someone makes, and their lines will change more often than the lines on their minor hand, which is the hand that shows someone’s potential," she says.

If you take a look at both of your palms right now, you'll notice that the lines are either reasonably similar or totally different. If they're similar, Rappaport says you're probably following what you were "programmed" to do in life, based on your upbringing or genetics.

But if both palms are noticeably different, this shows that the choices you've made have changed your life. "In many cases, you may have made some excellent choices and your life has improved as a result," she says. Some lines may become deeper with age, while some lines may be light and barely visible. Those variations help determine your personality, which means there isn't always a one-size-fits-all interpretation.

Palm lines are just one thing readers will look at to give you information about your love life. But if you want the quick version, here's what you can learn about yourself in love, just by looking at the size and shape of your hands and fingers.


If Your Palm Size Is A Little Longer And Wider Than Your Fingers, You May Want A Detail-Oriented Partner

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If your palm is a little longer and wider than your fingers, Rappaport says you're the type of person who focuses on the bigger picture first and the smallers details much later, if at all. For instance, you'll be the first one to say, "Let's go on a trip this summer," but you may forget about the logistics like money or time. So as Rappaport says, "In a relationship you may want to find someone who can fill in the details for you." That way, you can dream all you like but still have a partner who can help keep you grounded.


If Your Palm Size Is Shorter Than The Length Of Your Fingers, You May Want A More Relaxed Partner

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If your fingers are longer than your palm, you might be the type who focuses on the details. You're all about the logistics. Is this going to work or not? Is this relationship going to be worth it or not? Because of that, Rappaport says you may want someone who can help you see the possibilities of what your relationship can eventually become.


If Your Palm Size And Fingers Are About The Same Length, You May Need A Partner Who Can Help You Relax

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If your palm size and fingers are about the same length, Rappaport says you are "reasonably adaptable" and can focus on both the bigger picture and the details. "Finding someone who complements you or is easy going when you're not, can be helpful, as long as you know when to relax," she says.


If Your Lower Phalanges Are Thick And Somewhat Padded, You Need A Partner Who Can Satisfy Your Physical Needs

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Excluding the thumb, each finger is separated into three phalanges: upper, middle and lower. According to Rappaport, the upper phalange represents the mental world, the middle phalange represents the business and practical world and the lower phalange represents the sensual or physical world.

If your lower phalange is thick and seems somewhat heavily padded, this indicates that you tend to be more focused on your physical pleasure. "This could mean you are a real foodie, love physical comforts and may be more focused on satisfying your physical appetite through sex," she says. Since the physical stuff is what excites you, it would be beneficial for you to find someone who can happily share that with you.


If Your Lower Phalange Is Thinner Or Has A Waist You Need A Partner Who Can Talk Out Issues

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If the lower phalange is thinner by comparison or appears to have a waist, Rappaport say you tend to be a bit more of a diplomat when it comes to love. "With a little bit of patience, you have the capacity to work through any relationship problems or issues you may have as long as you have a partner who is willing too as well," she says.


If Your Fingertips Are Pointed, You May Need A Partner Who's Very In-Tune To Your Emotions

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There are four basic fingertip types: pointed, conic, square and spatulate. "You may not have all of one type of fingertip on your hand as each finger has its own qualities," Rappaport says. "But if you look overall at what you have, you can definitely gain an insight into your personality and what you need in love."

If you have pointed fingertips, you may be psychic, emotional, intuitive, idealistic, and sympathetic. "You love beautiful things, but often get your feelings hurt," she says. Since you may be a sensitive type, you may need a partner who's understanding and isn't afraid to embrace their softer side.


If Your Fingertips Are Conic Or Rounded, You May Want To Find A Partner Who's Just As Creative As You Are

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If you have conic fingertips, Rappaport says you have the same qualities as someone who has pointed fingertips, with the added bonus of possessing a quick mind and an artistic flair. You're probably a creative type who easily gets inspiration. "So if you possess pointed or conical fingertips, you definitely want a partner who appreciates the same things you do and also is supportive of you if you work in the creative arena," she says.


If Your Fingertips Are Spatulate, You May Need A Partner Who's More Flexible

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If you have spatulate fingertips, you may be practical, active, independent and can sometimes be a bit stubborn. As Rappaport says, you may have a lot of common sense, but you may not be as open to hearing other people’s opinions as you like to say you are. "In a relationship, you would need to learn a bit more flexibility or at least find a partner who is," she says.


If Your Fingertips Are Square, You'd Make A Really Great Partner For Someone Who's Not As Practical As You

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If you have square fingertips, you are a practical and methodical person who likely prefers order, structure, a set routine and balance. You must have organization in order to excel at whatever you undertake, Rappaport says. "If you are OK with a little chaos in your life and having a partner who is creative, perhaps you can provide some structure or support for them," she says. You're the type of person who can bring balance and stability to your relationship.

"In determining what someone needs in a happy, love relationship, I never rely on one indicator when looking at someone’s palm," Rappaport says. She checks for validation in several places starting with the size and shape of someone's hands and fingers, then the mounts, and then the lines. Regardless of what your individual hand shows, if you want to be happy in a relationship, you need to understand your character and what resonates with you.

As she says, "While you may not always choose a good partner initially, knowing a bit about yourself, through your hand, you can learn how to make better choices in the future until you find the one person you want to commit to."

There's so much more to learn about yourself and your love life just by looking at your hand. The best part is, it's easy to do if you're interested in checking out your partner's hands for some insight as well.