What's Alex Doing After Rachel's 'Bachelorette' Season? Capturing All Of Our Hearts, Duh

Paul Hebert/ABC

Look, I respect Rachel as the Bachelorette. I know she has to make tough, sometimes unpopular decisions. But I can't forgive her for sending Alex home on The Bachelorette. OK, I can forgive her, because it's her life and if she wasn't feeling it with him — fine. And, I guess this also means he's a free agent to date (me) someone who is totally feeling it. But, still, I'm going to miss him on my television screen. That's where knowing what Alex is doing after Rachel's Bachelorette season comes in handy.

The Information Systems Supervisor (whatever that means) was an early fan favorite on Rachel's season, which is why I'm so shocked he got dumped so early. I mean, Adam and his doll are still there. A guy who showed up as a penguin is still there (#whoismatt). Alex deserved better than this, dammit. All I can hope is that he gets the call from ABC to be on BiP. Or, better yet, to be the Bachelor on his very own stylish season. Move over Nick Viall, because Alex and his purple zebra stripe jacket have all your scarves beat.

In any case, post-show Alex seems to be doing just fine — which is honestly a relief, because I couldn't stand it if he was still broken-hearted. Now, he just needs to find a nice girl (again, me) to date instead. But, rather than stepping back into the dating game, Alex has been up to this stuff instead.

Reminiscing About His Bachelorette Days

There's that jacket.

Hanging With His Bachelorette Buddies

I love that he and Dean are friends. They're my two fave contestants, so I clearly have good taste.

Growing An Insane Beard???

Where did this come from? The season just finished taping, like, two months ago.

Wishing His BFF A Happy BFF Day

Oh, good, he plays the guitar — as if he wasn't already perfect.

Generally Being Awesome

I think it's clear that Alex is just as great post-show as he was on the show. Also I just wanted an excuse to post this video. ENJOY.