'Bach' Star Benoit's Job Is Very Fancy

Edward Herrera/ABC

The only international contestants on The Bachelor Winter Games who had to travel less than some of the U.S. contestants are the people representing Canada. One Canadian you will definitely take notice of is Benoit on The Bachelor Winter Games. Like Nick Viall's winner Vanessa Grimaldi, Benoit is from Montréal in the Québec province of Canada. So if Benoit Beauséjour-Savard's name didn't tip you off, that does mean the former Bachelorette Canada contestant has a French accent. And Benoit's job beyond The Bachelorette fits ridiculously well into American's stereotypical perception of French people since he's none other than a maître d' in Canada.

Before The Bachelor Winter Games, Benoit competed in the first — and only, so far — season of The Bachelorette Canada in 2016. While Bachelorette Jasmine Lorimer chose fellow Winter Games contestant Kevin Wendt over Benoit, now he's ready to give love on reality TV another try. Yet, his main job outside of TV appearances is maître d'hôtel at Brasserie 701, according to his Facebook page. Even though the term "maître d'hôtel" literally means "master of the house" in French, the shortened version of maître d' is used in English to indicate a headwaiter or a restaurant manager.

Brasserie 701 is located in the Hôtel Place d'Armes in the Old Montréal area of Montréal, Québec. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, and cocktails. From its website and Instagram page, Brasserie 701 looks like a pretty swanky place with old-world charm — and Benoit works to maintain an enjoyable and smooth experience for diners.

In 2017, Le Place d'Armes Hôtel & Suites was chosen by Condé Nast Traveler readers as the 14th best hotel in Canada. As Benoit's restaurant is located in the hotel, he announced that he was "so proud" on Facebook.

Based on his Instagram, it appears that the 31-year-old Benoit has been at Brassiere 701 since at least April 2014. And actually, his first Instagram post was a photo of the restaurant on a busy night. That shows devotion.

Speaking of devotion, his commitment to his career was highlighted in his bio for The Bachelorette Canada. In his answer to what is his most embarrassing moment, he said it was when he spilled hot tea (literally) on an older woman when he worked at a bar and restaurant while he attended university. His Facebook page lists two other restaurants that Benoit worked at before his current gig. He was a waiter at Biaggi's Bar & Trattoria in the Québec city of Repentigny. And he was the restaurant director at Restaurant Sens in Boucherville, Québec. Like Brasserie 701, that restaurant was also in a hotel.

Benoit also said in his Bachelorette bio that if he won the lottery, he would buy his own restaurant. Actually, his entire answer to the lottery question proves how lovable he may be on Winter Games since he said, "Have my own restaurant, buy a Lamborghini, buy a neighborhood and build houses for all my closest friends and family, travel around the world, and donate money for suicide prevention." Sounds like a decent guy with a dream.

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

Benoit's profession is kind of a refreshing change of pace for the franchise that often features trainers and former athletes. (Jared Haibon is another notable restaurant manager in The Bachelor world.) Plus, since he's from Canada, Benoit is no stranger to snow and mountains. So while he might not be the best competitor during the athletic portions of The Bachelor: Winter Games (or maybe he'll surprise us, he is from Canada after all; they know winter sports), expect Benoit to wine and dine his way into your heart.