Brandon Might Be Dating Someone New After 'Dating Around'

Dating Around Season 2 Brandon via Netflix Press Site

Nearly a year after filming Dating Around, Brandon Bordelon seems to have moved on from the connections he made on the show. Although he certainly hit it off with both Ronald and Justin, he doesn't currently follow either of them on Instagram (though Justin follows him), and he wrote a Facebook status on Valentine's Day about "catching feelings" for someone new.

"Catching flights and feelings this year!!! I’ll take an exit row seat over roses any day!!! #happyvalentinesday," he posted on Feb. 14, announcing a flight to Los Cabos, Mexico. He didn't tag anyone in the status, but later shared a snuggly Instagram picture with an untagged man using the hashtag #boyfriends. "Setting sail to this adventure," the caption read.

Obviously, it's been a few months since that picture was posted and things could be different now. His official Facebook relationship status is currently set to single (if that still means anything) and his most recent Instagram photos have been solo selfies. As far as his job goes, he's still a teacher in New Orleans at FirstLine Schools, per Facebook. "Teaching the youth of about life lessons and how to tie their shoes," his Instagram bio says. "But most importantly what makes them unique and special. Love yourself!"

Since quarantine hit, he hasn't been super active on social media, but he did promote his reality TV debut. "Check me out on June 12 on @netflix," he captioned a post sharing the Dating Around trailer. "You might be surprised by a few of my dates. If you know me you already know it won’t be anything short of entertainment."