Wet N Wild's Color Icon Shadows Got A Makeover

by Rachel Nussbaum

It's spring now! That's what makeup collections are telling us, despite the best efforts of weather on the eastern seaboard. The only answer for us here in the chillzone is to stop looking outside for good, and concentrate instead on the newness available from Wet N Wild's spring drop. There are crazy colored highlighters, par for the course, and a lip and cheek formula that's basically drugstore Nars — but equally exciting is that Wet N Wild's Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio formula has been revamped. Yep: These ain't your childhood eyeshadows.

While the original iteration was on the sheer side, the new Trio formula is right up there with Milani's smooth-like-buttah shadows. Wet N Wild says the "newly reformulated Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio includes a more pigmented, silkier finish with better blendability" throughout the set's mixture of shimmer and matte finishes, with the same helpful placement suggestions emblazoned on the shadows themselves.

In case you haven't obsessively been following drugstore makeup developments, this is just the latest smooth move from Wet N Wild, which is killin' it these days. First came their MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks, among the best in the land, then the MegaCushion Highlight, a sparkler for the ages.

Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Will You Marina Me, $3, Wet n Wild

To quote John Oliver, "And now, this."

Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Heart and Heavy, $3, Wet n Wild

The official write-up went with the "silky" descriptor, but I'd call it more of a velvet finish — especially that gorgeous purple.

Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Hieroglyphic Heart, $3, Wet n Wild

The spring collection's lavender and rose gold highlighters might be scene stealers, but the revamped Color Icon trios are the old reliable backbones of the brand (along with their matte MegaLast lipsticks — so good).

Along with their other formulas coming out better than ever, there's not a dud to be found in the brand's current line-up. What does this mean? Tweens and great makeup-lovers alike are gonna have to give their best hustle to grab Wet N Wild stock in stores. Welp, wild's in the name — what did we expect.

Images: Courtesy of Brand