Bobbi Brown's New Skin Care Line Is Legit

Best known for understated products, Bobbi Brown is making it even easier to go au natural, if the run and go is your typical modus operandi. The brand recently put the power to their skin care game with the release of Bobbi Brown Remedies — "targeted solutions for every skin issue" from chapped skin to zit killers. I normally side-eye makeup brands venturing into skin territory, but all reviews report that Bobbi Brown's new skin care line is killing the game in the best way. Here's what to know.

The line focuses on customization, which is par for the course in today's DIY world (other examples include: Anastasia Beverly Hills' lip palette, this service that literally designs your perfect haircare regimen). Great news for people who only want to splurge on things made for their specific problem, which is probably everyone. The guide on their website walks you through the science behind your skin concern, and then explains how your specific Remedy will help. Transparency: great.

Take a breath, let's dive in.

Anastasia Beverly Hills' Lip Palette, $63, Amazon

The collection includes Skin Clarifier №75 for pores and acne, a combo of sea buckthorn oil, rosehip oil, saw palmetto oil, and manuka oil (!) to exfoliate and control sebum.

Clarity Rescue, $50, Amazon

Skin Clarifier №91 tackles dullness with chlorella, "Energen Complex" and the extracts of fresh kale, spinach and brussels sprouts (belying its Power Greens name with a golden brown color), and dryness gets a boost with №86's hyaluronic acid.

Clarity Rescue, $50, Amazon

No surprise in the inclusion of hyaluronic acid, but if it works, it works.

Clarity Rescue, $50, Amazon

Skin Clarifier №93 takes on lost elasticity with muru muru butter (you recognize it from Glossier), olive oil, meadowfoam seed oil and others.

Clarity Rescue, $50, Amazon

While №80 abates redness and irritation with three red algae derivates.

Clarity Rescue, $50, Amazon

Lastly, Skin Salve №57 heals chap and cracks as a "skin bandage." Get back, winter. You're not wanted here.

Skin Salve Concentré Baume, $45, Amazon

Power-heavy do-it-all treatments are all well and good, but only if you need everything done. These guys are tailored to your needs — although I must warn you, it's a Pokemon situation. Gotta catch 'em all.

Images: Courtesy of Brand