Boots Is Selling Harry Potter Makeup That Lets You Represent Your House In Style

Warner Bros/Boots

Ever had a day when you felt a little run down, a little gross, maybe sat thinking "wow if only I could magic myself fabulous." Well, accio glamorous, looks like that haven of all things cosmetic, Boots, has got your bloomin back. And then some. They are launching a Harry Potter themed make up collection. Yes, shut the front door and hop on your broom, it is about to be lit. But when you see what's in Boots' Harry Potter make up collection, you will pretty quickly realise there is something for everyone here.

Oh yes, just when you thought you couldn't possibly accidentally spend way too much money on a trip to Boots, this popped up. And guys, this is dropping like so soon. Soon as in it is available online from October 27th and will be available in store from October 29th. Just in time for Halloween right? And for stocking fillers galore. Maybe something Slytherin themed for a colleague who really winds your wand?

The makeup collection is simply called The Harry Potter Collection and is everything any true Potter fan could possibly want. And hey if you're not into make up? No biggy, there is so much more to enjoy in this range which also includes eye masks, lip balms, and bath bombs. According to the press release, "the expertly-themed collection of high quality products captures the unique spirit of iconic characters, props and symbols from the Wizarding World." Here's what's on offer.


Harry Potter Eye Shadow Palette — £12.50

Harry Potter/Boots

Available in Hufflepuff's very on-trend Gen Z yellow, Slytherin's green with envy, Ravenclaw's true blue, and Gryffindor's ruby red. An absolute must have for the eyeshadow fanatics in your life and will 100 percent make your eyes pop.


Harry Potter Swish And Flick Cosmetic Brushes — £20

Harry Potter/Boots

IMO hands down the best item on offer in this collection. Ever feel like your makeup box looks a little tired and sad? Well then why not bring some actual magic to the make up table with brushes that are shaped like wands. OMG


Harry Potter Unicorn Nail Polish—£16

Harry Potter/Boots

If the idea of having magic at your very finger tips appeals to you then this is your time to shine. Gorgeous colours and sparkly AF means that you will look fresh and covered in diamonds when you pull this little nugget out. And yes, those bottle tops are unicorn horns. Hold me.


Harry Potter Lip Balm—£6

Harry Potter/Boots

You know as well as I do that you can never have too many lip balms. They are absolute essentials, especially in this suddenly quite chilly weather. These are available in Hedwig, Crookshanks, and Scabbers.


Harry Potter Colour Changing Lipstick — £10

Harry Potter/Boots

Looks like it is one colour but then you put it on your face and it changes to a different colour. Hold up WHAT?! I do not want that. Actually, you do, because this lipstick changes to totally gorgie colours and will have you looking glam AF.


Harry Potter Fizzer Bath Bombs — £6

Harry Potter/Boots

These actually amazing bath bombs are the thoughtful gift of like everyone's dreams. I mean come on how good is a hot steamy bath after a cold day? Available in each of the houses, cauldron, and Golden Snitch, these will have you playing Potter in the bath. Just hope Moaning Myrtle doesn't show up.


Harry Potter Hand Cream — £10

Winter is totally coming and are you prepared? Nope me neither. I am definitely not ready for dry cracked skin and sore hands are you? Well, the magic of Boots and Mr Potter means they have made some lovely hand creams as a part of this collection. They are available in house colours and Hedwig.


Harry Potter Eye Mask — £6

With or without the magic of cosmetics, any true witch or wizard knows the best way to look great is to get lots of beauty sleep. These come in Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, and Hedwig.


Harry Potter Cosmetics Bag — £10

Another thing you literally cannot ever have enough of is cosmetic bags. You can use them for your makeup, your sanitary products, your pencil case, your skin care bag, and like endless other things. These come in the different house colours.


Wether you're a muggle, a wizard, a witch, or a squibb, there is no denying that with this particular potion, Boots have really hit the nail on the head.