ColourPop's Pink Phase 2 Collection Is Perfect For Spring

by Kali Borovic
ColourPop Cosmeticss

I've said it once and I'll say it again, ColourPop knows how to make their customers happy. Instead of just sticking to the Nectar Spring Collection filled with monochromatic tones, they're giving people another one-tone option as well. Expanding their collection to a whole new color range, ColourPop created their Pink Phase 2 Spring Collection. The products might look familiar, but there's one major detail that's changed.

You didn't think that ColourPop was going to stop at just one spring collection, did you? This brand is constantly surprising their fans with new products and colors, and this time definitely doesn't disappoint. Odds are you've already seen the Nectar Spring Collection that they launched. Well, not they're following the same monochromatic trend for another color — pink!

Just like the first part of the collection, there's a highlight and blush palette, four shade eyeshadow palette, single highlighter, Lippie Stix and matching Lippie Liner, an Ultra Satin Lip, and an Ultra Matte Lip. There's just one major change. While everything int he Nectar Collection has peachy tones, this one will be all about the pink. That's double the spring colors as well as the options. It really doesn't get much better than this.

ColourPop Cosmetics

If you're ready to stock up on this collection, I have some good news. The entire Pink Phase 2 will be available on the ColourPop website on Mar. 17 at 1 p.m. ET. You'll also be able to stock up on the Nectar Collection while you're there. All of the peachy items are currently in stock on the online shop as well.

ColourPop Cosmetics

The standout in the collection, IMO, are the palettes. This is the first time that ColourPop has created highlight and blush duos, since the Alexis Ren collection. They're $16 each and the pans are enormous. The eyeshadow palettes are also relatively new. You'll still be able to buy the shade individually for $5 each, but you can also buy them together for $18 and save some cash.

ColourPop Cosmetics

ColourPop does a great job of stocking their site, so that everyone who wants some can join in on the makeup fun. I wouldn't wait too long to shop though. These gorgeous spring items are all limited edition. You'll want to add them to your makeup bag while you still can!