What’s In ColourPop’s St. Patrick’s Day 2017 Sale? Save On Green & Gold

Ah, . Either you love the day's debauchery, hate it with every fiber of your being, or just try and avoid getting pinched with an artful game of dip-dodge-duck. ColourPop gets it, and this year the brand's making it a little easier to wear green via a clever sale. might not save you this go round, but with all their for the next 24 hours, 2018 will be the year you run free.

A on the brand's site turns up eyeshadows and eyeliners aplenty, along with a few liquid lipsticks (ideal for any St. Patty's diehard). And knowing ColourPop's liquid lipstick formula, it can multitask as a liquid eyeliner or in-a-pinch facepaint, if the clover situation arises. Everyone's color definitions vary ("what is gold" sounds like a joke question, but stare at a frosty beige and you'll understand), but you'll be able to finger sale goods by their helpful price slashes.

Most hover around a dollar discount, given ColourPop's already mega-cheap prices, but it's a welcome cherry on top — that we can then spend on Shamrock Shakes, as the day's priorities require.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Get Lucky, $4,

Muted metallic gold Get Lucky is right on theme.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Shameless, $4,

As is dark, glimmering snakeskin Shameless, a metallic black with gold and green glitter.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Cusp, $4,

While Cusp is a happier, more Lucky Charms-type hue.

Crème Gel Liner in Teaspoon, $4,

Perfectly coordinated to Teaspoon.

Metallic Pressed Powder in Sideline, $4,

Sideline, a gorgeous duochrome eggplant with green flip, was made for the parade.

Ultra Matte Lip in Dr. M, $4.80,

Provided it stays on your lips, Dr. M would be a great pinch-protector. And given ColourPop's formula, you don't have to worry.

Super Shock Shadow in Partridge, $4,

Less loudly *on theme,* but sophisticated and here for your festivities. Partridge has it both ways as a warm, pearlized brown with a green and gold duo chrome flip.

A solid choice for leprechauns everywhere — and leaving you with more gold in the pot.

Images: Courtesy of Brand