CoverGirl Is Launching A New Makeup Collection Specifically Designed For Women Of Color

Courtesy of CoverGirl

Makeup has become something of a lifestyle in the last few years, and the more people who can enjoy dabbling in different makeup shades, the bigger the beauty community. Brands are starting to understand the importance of diversity in beauty and CoverGirl's new Full Spectrum collection is taking it to another level, dedicating and entire line to people of color that features pigments designed specifically for the needs of melanin skin. Are the cocoa cuties freaking out, yet? Probably.

Don't be surprised at the wave of relief that's bound to run through you once you take a peek at these pigments. The foundation range, though (because the struggle is real) deserves a round of applause. Along with a universal primer, the line features a liquid foundation in 20 shades and a powder foundation in 12 shades made special for multicultural women. By the way, the shades start from a medium caramel shade to Nubian queen deep. It's a tearjerker, but don't ruin that mascara quite yet.

The Full Spectrum collection also includes 6 concealer shades that brighten up the face, but also neutralize blemishes and dark circles, a universal POC-friendly contour kit, a cheek palette, a series of satin bullet lipsticks, liquid matte lipsticks, lipglosses, and an eyeliner. The two unforgettable eyeshadow palettes also happen to be made to pop on deeper skin tones.

If you don't know what to do with yourself because of the excitement, here are the must-haves from the collection.

Matte Ambition All Day Foundation

Foundation made for you and your kinfolk is one big reason to snatch these up. The foundation combines the factors of skin shade and undertone shade to make sure you never face that reddish brown foundation again.

All Day Idol Brightening Concealer

Concealer is a lifesaver for the moments you need it most. This concealer helps brighten to brighten the face while also working its magic to remove any old blemishes. It's kind of a two-for-one makeup deal.

Contour & Correct Expert Cream Palette

To get those cheekbones slayed and sliced, CoverGirl brings this color correcting and contour palette comprised of a cream texture to even out skin tones underneath your foundation.

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In a selection of four palettes, you can get eight shadows depending on your vibe. If you're feeling

Matte Idol Liquid Lipstick

The liquid matte lipsticks come in vibrant colors to compliment rich skin tones. Pinks, reds, blues and purples fill this lipstick selection to make sure lips stay cute and puckered.

Matte Ambition All Day Powder Foundation

This shine-control powder foundation is meant to keep your skin oilless all throughout the day. Coming in 16 shades, it's a one stop shop for a quick beat and go.

Matte Ambition Skin Primer SPF 20

Lay this SPF 20 infused primer underneath your makeup. They say "Black don't crack" so put on that sunscreen and let's keep it that way, sis.

Defining Moment All Day Eyeliner

Defining that iconic cat eye of yours can only be achieved with a refined liner. Not only does this eyeliner come in "Blackest Black", but it also comes in gold and silver metallic shades, electric green, deep blue, and deep pruple.

Color Idol Satin Lipstick

If you're into a more sleek texture to grace your lips, these satin finish lipsticks that come in 20 shades from the Full Spectrum collection may just be your new jam.

Gloss Idol

In 14 rich shades, the gloss idol lippies give your lips high shine action while also keeping them juicy and moisturized.

It's not everyday that people of color get the spotlight in a makeup launch, so this is pretty huge for the culture. But when enough noise is made to shake the table, that's when people will start listening.