Essence Cosmetic's Out Of Space Stories Polish Takes Holographic To A New Level

The holographic makeup trend is nothing new. But while other brands have been focussing their multi-colored items on unicorns, Essence Cosmetics is taking their customers to space instead. The brand created out-of-this-world nail polishes that combine color and shimmer in the best way possible. What's in Essence Cosmetics' Out Of Space Stories Nail Collection, you ask? Get ready for holographic polish like you've never seen before.

The nail polish game has been strong lately. Ciaté London has chromatic nail polish in the works and Nails Inc. even created colors out of fruit. But Essence Cosmetic's is right up there with some of the best. The brand launched six holographic nail shades that are almost too good for us Earth-beings to wear on a daily basis. Seriously though, it looks like someone bottle up the universe and made it wearable.

Out of the six shades, three of them are lighter, more wearable shades and three are a bit dark. All of them have the same level of shine though. My personal favorites are the purple (hello, pastel and holographic trend) and the blue that looks just like you're staring into the night sky. The names are just as adorable too. There's Outta Space Is The Place, Across The Universe, Space Glam, Beam Me Up!, Intergalactic Adventure, and We Will Spock You!.

But I haven't even told you the best part yet. Every single polish in the Out Of Space Stories Collection is only $2.99. That means you can wrack them all up for under $20. Pinch yourself, because this is not a dream. Plus if you shop on Apr. 5, you can get free shipping as well. It doesn't get much better than that.

Now, without further ado, here's a look at every single shade.

1. Outta Space Is The Place

Outta Space Is The Place, $3, Essence Makeup

This one is the most wearable out of the entire collection.

2. Across The Universe

Across The Universe, $3, Essence Makeup

This mix of purple, pink and even yellow is absolutely stunning.

3. Space Glam

Space Glam, $3, Essence Makeup

The name really does say it all. Totally getting "Zenon" vibes here.

4. Beam Me Up!

Beam Me Up!, $3, Essence Makeup

This is the brightest the lunar collection goes.

5. Intergalactic Adventure

Beam Me Up!, $3, Essence Makeup

I'm convinced that this color is really just little drops of the universe.

6. We Will Spock You!

We Will Spock You!, $3, Essence Makeup

Blue meets grey meets sparkle in the best way possible.

With such gorgeous shades at an amazing price, you might as well stock up on them all!