This Disney Collection Reimagines Iconic Princess Looks As Everyday Fashion

by Kali Borovic

There is nothing more iconic than Disney. The characters have a special place in just about everyone's hearts, but not everyone likes them on their clothing. Until now. Hot Topic's Destination Disney Collection takes iconic princess looks and makes them wearable. Not just wearable for Disney lovers, but for every single person.

This is the collection that all modern princesses have been waiting for. Say goodbye to the days of frilly skirts and tiaras, because this collection is for you to wear to work, out with friends, or any other day of the week. Each outfit was inspired by Mulan, Tiana, Ariel, Moana, and Jasmine, but without all the gimmicks. Think: navy green denim, crop tops, and joggers.

According to Hello Giggles, the Destination Disney Collection was created by the winners of the 2017 Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con. Grace Duval, Lindsay Orndorff, and Rose Ivy spent a full year coming up with the collection, and you can now buy all of the items for less than $100 each. Pinch yourself, because this is not a Disney-lover's dream.

The line was an attempt to "take inspiration from dan-favorite Disney Heroines and their character strengths. The collection is a modern, unique spin on each Disney heroine's outfit as seen in their respective animated feature films," according to Hello Giggles.

It's safe to say that they did their job. The collection is exactly what the the princesses would look like, if they walked out of the scree and into 2018. You can shop the entire collection, filled with accessories, clothing, and even a few beauty items, right not on the Hot Topic website. The line even includes plus sized items, so that almost every Disney lover can get involved.

This line won't be available at Hot Topic forever, so you might want to grab your wallets now. Here are some of the most masterfully created items, so you can see just how wearable the collection is.

1. Princess Jasmine Crop Top

2. Hay Hay Bag

3. Ariel Smocked Seashell Top

4. Moana Skirt

5. Dinglehopper Makeup Brushes

6. Tangle Ombré Dress

7. Ariel "Ready To Stand" Pants

Not all princesses wear dresses, and this collection proves it.