Hot Topic Launched A Polly Pocket Collection & It's Officially 1995 All Over Again

Courtesy of Hot Topic

While the calendar may say the year is 2019, the realms of fashion and beauty are still reeling in ‘90s pop culture. Hot Topic is launching an exclusive Polly Pocket collection to make you reminisce trading your compacts back in your grade school years. If this didn’t prompt you to pull out that dusty old toy box, then who knows what will.

As if you didn’t already feel old, the collection comes to Polly Pocket lovers in celebration of the brand’s upcoming 30 year anniversary (still can’t believe it). HelloGiggles reports that the collection inspired by the perky doll features 17 pieces of assorted accessories and makeup products from backpacks to wallets to lip palettes that'll have you cooing at all its cuteness. If this flashback collection wasn't enough of a treat, everything in the collection happens to be $40 and under. Polly, you really are that chick.

If you can remember how tough it was to break in to those compacts as a kid, then you're probably already just as anxious to break into this new pop culture collection from Hot Topic. While you're deciding what to snag first, grab your blanket and juice box because here are some of the best picks.

Polly Pocket Eyeshadow Palette

If there was any ‘90s pop culture icon who would make a great eyeshadow palette, it’s definitely Polly. In this pocket-sized eyeshadow palette, fans will get 10 shades of blush pinks, bright blues, periwinkle purples and of course muted neutrals. Also, how cute is this bedroom and living room pop up feature in the palette?

Mini Backpack

This tiny backpack fits in with the rest of the compact Polly Pocket family. It features the brand’s logo on the front with a giant front pocket as well as a Polly Pocket keychain on the side of the zipper.

No-Show Socks

Wear your Polly Pocket memories on your feet with this collection of no-show sock. Bringing you back to the days of losing every tiny piece in the compact, these foot accessories will have your toes looking anything but bare.

Pop Up Hair Brush

When you're ready to pull back your hair and get to work on beating that face, use this pocket mirror and brush duo to get the job done.

Lip Palette

If you do decide to keep your lips on lock this year, do it with a Polly Pocket lip product. This little palette features 4 rosy shades of reds and pinks to add some life to your lips. It comes with a mirror and a small Polly Pocket lip brush.

Quilted Heart Cross Body

Tiny bags were all the rage in the '90s and they're still a trend for 2019. Strap up with this tiny pink heart-shaped stitched handbag with the Polly Pocket logo embedded on the front to remember the good old days.

It's not everyday that your favorite toy growing up gets a makeup and accessory reboot, so take advantage of this collection while you can. If you're ready to jump back in with the compact toy, the Hot Topic x Polly Pocket collection officially drops Jan. 16 online and in stores.